Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One Thing that Steals Joy

"And thou shalt quite take away their 
from me, 
that they die not."
~Numbers 17:10~

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This is a chapter out of the Old Testament that you might not have noticed before. I love the stories which are told in the Old Testament as they bring out the redemptive message of the New Testament. 

In this story, God tells Moses to take a rod for each tribe of Israel. Twelve rods. The name of the head of each tribe is written on the rod (or branch) and they are placed in the tabernacle.

Remember, the Israelites are in the Wilderness. You know how you and I are in the dessert from time-to-time.

A Wilderness is:
  • Discouraging!!
  • Depressing!!
  • Blah!!
  • Mundane!!
  • And so we murmur and complain!!
What steals our joy more than murmuring?!

God was using this thing with the buds as an illustration. God loves to bring His message alive with an object lesson.

God told the Israelites that one of the rods was going to bud.

"And I will make to cease from me the murmurings of the children of Israel."

I want to ask you something. Do you murmur?

I think of 'murmuring' as being more subtle than out-and-out complaining. It is quieter, and we will say, "Oh, I wasn't complaining!" I know I've said that!!

Murmuring (as does complaining) wears our leader down. I have not been murmuring lately.  I keep getting those nudges from the Lord.

How about you??

I know that when I had a bunch of little children under six (five to be exact) sometimes they would fuss and whine. They would fuss just because it was around 11 o'clock and time for a snack!!

So, Aaron's rod was brought as a testimony that the Lord would "take away" their murmurings. 

You can't "go" it alone!! I know, I've tried!

God says He can 'take away your murmuring spirit.' 'You can't go it alone!!'

  • Call out to God.
  • It says in the Bible to tell God your complaint.
  • Ask God to take away your murmuring spirit.
Then, and only then can you go into God's presence with JOY, real JOY.

JOY isn't something you can conjure up. It has to be God-breathed even though life is not exactly what you'd like. 

Has something in your life stolen your JOY, like murmuring? Maybe it is something else?? 

You can't 'go it alone' it is God who works in us and removes the sin in our life. 

Go for it!!

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  1. Hi Judith,
    What a good reminder. With 3 young ones at home, I found myself murmuring often. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to gleaning from you via Facebook. Thank you so much for your support!

  2. Hi Judith; wonderful post! I know when I complain or "murmur" I feel physically dislocated and wonder what happened to my “spiritual high”; I can emotionally and physically feel my joy and happiness being sucked out of my body! I continue to learn that anytime I feel that my back is up against a wall, I need to find a way to get through that wall and jump joyfully and enthusiastically into life, knowing that I can handle whatever may come my way! :)

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Judith, I love it when God creates "holy echoes" for me so I can't miss what He's trying to teach me. You summarized all He's been showing me through Priscilla Shrier's ONE IN A MILLION Bible Study. I have battled the "murmurs" for years.. nothing has helped me to rid my life of that joy thief as much as the habit of giving thanks. Hard some days, but worth the "fight." Blessings to you.

  4. Girl, you know I have murmured. In fact, it's safe to say that I have outright complained a time or two.....or a thousand, lol! All that does is take my eyes off the Lord and puts them onto myself and onto my circumstances!

  5. "You can't 'go it alone' it is God who works in us and removes the sin in our life."
    Amen!! Thank you Lord for Your patience with me.

    So thankful for your gentle encouragement in your blogs. So often in this world of technology we can be distracted from Him. I am so glad for the blogs that I read that bring me to the cross.


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