Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Feel So Lost

I Feel So Lost
by Jennifer Daniel

I feel so lost dear Lord
Upon this planet earth
So small-a tiny entity
What can my life be worth?

How can Thy love be reaching me
I'm lost within the crowd
My plaintive cry for Thee to hear
Expires midst voices loud

What am I doing here dear Lord?
What worth my being here?
Life is so meaningless and void
None see each falling tear

My child, 'creation of My hands'
My precious, precious one
Look up to see my nail scarred hands
Which bid you nearer come

I died to save your sinful soul
I rose to give you power
I live to lead you step by step
Each God-appointed hour

You're here upon the planet earth
To do my Sovereign will
Complete my tasks-do what I ask
Your calling, child, fulfil

Since I live out 'in-the-sticks'... friends, like you are a long ways away!!
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  1. Today, thankfully..., I don't feel lost.

    Just stopping in to say "Hello"

    :) Hope

  2. "My child, 'creation of My hands'
    My precious, precious one
    Look up to see my nail scarred hands
    Which bid you nearer come"

    A beautiful and touching poem. Thank you for sharing.

    1. All of Jenny Daniel's poem's are so touching. I have a whole book of her poems and I will gradually post them. There are a number already on my blog.

  3. Judith,
    That is so lovely and really helped me today. I hope you know how precious you are to so many. You bring such love!

  4. what an absolute beautiful poem. I can so relate to it....thanks Judy.

  5. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem! You are such a blessing and encouragement to many, but also to me!!! xoxo

  6. What a beautiful poem. Thank you!

  7. Hi, found your link at Monday's Musings. Thanks for sharing the poem! I followed you and I'm #99 - wouldn't it have been fun to be #100!!!


  8. Beautiful reminder of Christ's sacrifice and love for us. We are never lost with Him leading the way! Thanks for this great reminder, Judith.

  9. at times I do feel lost. This sweet poem offers so much comfort and re-assurance. Thank you for sharing.
    (visiting from A Mama's Story)

  10. Just stopping by from the GRAND Social Linky Party. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Such a beautiful poem!! Thanks for sharing. :-) Saw this at the Better Mom Monday link up and I'm glad I stopped over to read it. :-)

  12. So lovely. Thank you for sharing. Poems always soothe my soul. Thank you for linking up to the GRAND Social! Please excuse my tardy visit! ♥


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Twill cheer my heart and help my feet along the stony track.


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