You are offered a wonderful opportunity for advertising with WholeHearted Home!!

If you have a product, company, blog, service, ebooks, Etsy shop or Ebay store that you think would be of interest to my readers, I would be happy to consider you for advertising during 2013!!

There are some exciting reasons why you might want to advertise here at WholeHearted Home!!

WholeHearted Home Blog reaches:

  • Christians
  • Women/Wives/Mothers/Grandmothers/Daughters
  • Married/Parents/Singles
  • Homeschoolers/Interested in Homeschooling

WholeHearted Home Blog Traffic:

  • 4000+ Pageviews a Month and continuing to grow.
  • 63+ Facebook Fans
  • 46+ Twitter Followers
  • 102+ Pinterest Followers

We are continuing to grow daily, as WholeHearted Home has exposure through Lilla Rose, Young Living Essential Oils, WholeHearted Amazon Store, and  various affiliates that we participate with.

What WholeHearted Home Offers:

  • 125 X 125 graphic ad placement, as well as sponsored posts and giveaways.
  • The option to sponsor product reviews and giveaways, a valuable way of creating more interest and buzz about your products.

Rates Offered Through WholeHearted Home:

  • 125 x 125 small sized button for one month.
  • First Month: $15.
  • Each additional Month: $10.

All Advertisers get a FREE POST GIVEAWAY. Read below to learn more:

Giveaways will, include a description of your company/product, picture(s) with website, your Facebook, Twitter and blog links, posts shared on WholeHearted Home Facebook Fan Page/Twitter and the actual giveaway that I oversee. I also promote your social network pages, newsletters, and blogs.

Reviews cover all the areas as mentioned above in Giveaways plus a more personalized approach to exposing your product to my readers through my use and recommendation of your product.

Payments using PayPal are accepted :-)

Please contact me for more information on advertising. 

We are selective about the advertisements placed on WholeHearted Home and reserve the right to choose who advertises with us.

The offer of these low rates are for a promotional limited time, so advertise with these low rates while you can!!

Please email us at WholeHearted Home:

We'd just love to hear from you!!


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