Friday, October 19, 2012

Making Sunday Special: Preparations

No matter what you do, Sundays can become rather chaotic whether you have a large household or just a few. I've been there!! Ever found yourself frantically looking for that belt, or sock, while braiding hair as you gave instructions to another child?

Disclaimer: This is not my church 
but a church on the one road that goes through my town. 

Today I thought I'd give a few tips I've learned over the years while raising seven children and trying to be ready when my husband says, "It's time to go!!" 

Otherwise, in my house, we hear words like these as the tyranny of the urgent rules!!

  • "Mommy, where's my belt?"
  • "Has anyone seen my Bible?!"
  • "What?! The van's on empty?!"
  • "Mommy, there's cat hair on my black pants!!"
  • "Mommy, the baby spit up on her pretty dress!!"

I think it is important to God that we set aside Sunday as the most special day of the week. After all, God set the example when he rested after creating the universe. 

"And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made." 
~Genesis 2:3~

"Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy."
~ Exodus 20:8~

There are many things I have done over the years to make Sunday special, but overall, keeping it simple makes the day easiest for everyone,
(especially me;-)

  • Start on Monday preparing for Sunday :-) Do all the laundry from Saturday and Sunday. I rarely do laundry on Sunday. Not a 'legalistic law' just why should I do the wash when there is always Monday?! When the children were little (where many of you are now) I hung all the dress clothes needing to be ironed where I ironed, after washing them. It was impossible to keep up with ironing (I know, some of you don't iron) so I would 'catch up on a Saturday night (foolish, I know) about once a month. Then, for several years, one of my daughters ironed all the dress clothes(delegate, delegate, delegate), and now I do the ironing. If it isn't ironed, it doesn't get worn on Sunday!!
  • Saturday preparations for Sunday: Years and years ago, women used to prepare their Sunday roast on Saturday. I've heard that this is what my Gramma Watson used to do. I like having a nice Sunday dinner but after a long week of homeschooling, I was usually exhausted. Coming home and making that big meal wasn't easy. I like what I do now. Doesn't it just take years to get it all figured out?! I make Sunday dinner on Saturday morning. It is part of my Saturday routine that really goes a long way at making it possible for me to relax on the Lord's Day. Every Sunday, we have a church pot luck. Such a blessing!! The food is delish and the fellowship is even better!!
  • Setting out your children's clothes on Saturday: I set their clothes out on Saturday. I hung pants, dress shirt, undershirt, underpants, socks, and belt on the same hanger for each boy. For the girls I hung her dress, slip, undershirt, underpants, socks or tights, and whatever else she would need. Thinking out what was needed ahead of time eliminated the frantic scenario of "Mommy!! Where'd YOU put my belt?!" 
These are just a few of the things that you can do to make Sunday Special. God's desire for us is to keep Sunday holy. I think he has our 'good' in mind as this gives me the opportunity to rest more than I do on any other day of the week.

Do you prepare for Sunday on Sunday like I once did?? Or do you start preparing before Sunday so you can enjoy your family and rest as God intended??

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  1. I have the kiddos lay out their clothes on Saturday, and twice a month we have dinner at church that I *try* and prepare for on Saturday. The other 2 Sundays we just kinda wing it, sometimes we go out, sometimes we stay in. Thanks for all the great tips and for linking up this week! Blessings!

    1. My children were very young when I put their clothes out. You see, I had 5 children six and under. Seven all together. Of course, it is up to them now to find their clothes :-)

  2. We were part of a ministry team when my children were young. The senior pastor's wife cooked Sunday dinner for our family and the other family on the team. We both had young children and it was her way to minister to us. We could focus on ministering--my husband with the music and I with Children's church. It was a blessing for the 19 years we were there.

    1. That was so sweet of your pastor's wife. Those must be wonderful memories for you!! By the way, I always love your smile when I see your picture :-)

  3. I know my Mom tried to get everything ready the night before. She would try get all the clothes ironed and ready. It didn't always happen but I know she tried. For meals, she would either make a big dinner on Saturday, enough to have another meal of it on Sunday or she would come home and do something simple like spaghetti.

    In our little family, I am still working on using Saturday for preparations. I need to do better. Sadly, most preparation happens on Sunday. When I think ahead I can sometimes get lunch in the crockpot or ready to cook as soon as we get home from church. Or have something I can just reheat. I will keep working on it and maybe after the baby comes we can settle down into a better routine.

    1. This is the best scenario...but too often life just happens when children are little. I was always exhausted on Saturdays, still get that way. Pasta always makes up into a nice meal and even looks inviting. We don't have roasts that often because it isn't the most economical way to feed a growing family. I used to make a pound of ground beef go a very long way.

      Naomi, you are doing just great by the sounds of it. There are seasons when we do better than others and pregnancy isn't always one of them. I am sure you are teaching your children to do little things to help you and that will go a very long way. Young children can be such a help!!

  4. Thank you for sharing these tips! I do try to prepare my son by talking to him about how to behave during church. :) He chatters a lot you see. Other than that I do enjoy just relaxing as a family after church. :)

  5. Your comment about your son chattering a lot during church made me chuckle. My oldest son especially was like that during church, or anywhere for that matter. We used to give him paper to 'draw about the sermon' but he was too disruptive rattling all the paper. It was a great idea I read somewhere that didn't look so good in real life. This son of mine, grew up to love the Lord, knows when to talk and when not to, is a leader, hard worker, and is loved by everyone. So, look down the road and know that you are teaching godly character and you will see fruit someday.

  6. Love this post. My mother in law is really big on telling me to prepare, prepare, Prepare. She sort of got me into the habit of preparing clothes ahead for EVERYTHING. Not just church, But all week. It does make your life easier and less chaotic. Especially with 8 children.

  7. Oh thank you Missy!! I even heard it said that we moms should lay our clothes out at night for the next day, every day. I haven't gotten to that yet. I guess I like to know whether it is rainy, sunny, 80* or -10* before committing myself.

    What a blessing to having 8 children. It is a blessing even those days when it feels like the work and chattering :-) will never end. The work and chattering ends way too soon in my opinion and they have up and grown!!

  8. I so agree. Preparing for Sunday makes Saturday a little busier, but a day of rest is so worth is!

    1. When I was able to carry this out, it always made things a run a little smoother.

  9. I loved your comment about how sometimes pregnancy isnt the season that allows us to be at our best organized true! I wish I could be more like my grandpa. He has his wardrobe organized so well that he actually makes a year schedule on a fancy computer program that tells him exactly what he is going to wear for the entire year! He claims it makes it so much easier not having to worry about it every morning! He also hand crochets a baby blanket and sweater for every newborn baby that blesses the huge family we have....(he works ahead and has extra on hand...just in case!

    1. That is amazing!! My husband has told me that men used to knit in the tail of a bomber.

      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciated it!!

  10. Replies
    1. Well, maybe out of necessity!! Life was hectic back then.

  11. This takes me back to those years of chaos on sunday...until I learned that what you are saying is so helpful and calming...planning always is! This will help that Mommy who is wondering if it is worth it? Thank you, sweet sister!

  12. I've been doing a study on the Sabbath day lately and this goes right along with it. Great tips.  I'd  love to have you link this us to Titus 2 Tuesday this week on Cornerstone Confessions.. I hope to see you there. 



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