Friday, September 2, 2011

"And You're Still Alive?!"

Keeping Mom Rested Too!!
By Judith 
May 26, 2006

Resting is something that I have required ALL my children to do once they have outgrown the need for napping. I don't know if I would have survived without this break in the day when they were all young!! Keeping ‘mom’ rested mentally and physically is important to her Spiritual being especially with those of us with children home the entire day. A happy mom is a happy home. When I told a woman the other day that I had SEVEN children, she exclaimed, "And you're STILL ALIVE?!"

When my oldest son was little, he was VERY active. I learned from a mom who had LOTS of children to have them nap or rest with a book after lunch. My children did this for sooo long. There are still times when I ask them to read (because I am real tired, need to get something done, or want to read myself.)

It is a discipline to teach our children. From the time my son (and the others) grew out of the need to sleep, I allowed them to have a book to look at or read. They HAD to stay on their bed or designated spot of the house. We have had three girls in one room and three boys in another since they were very little. Can you imagine the fun they would have (and the relief I wouldn't get) if I sent them to their rooms to play "QUIETLY!" So, their bed was made a 'special' spot where they could read, or be. This quiet time of the day is also important for another reason. It gives children a chance to think, daydream, and just be by themselves for a while. Don't be afraid that YOU are being too selfish in needing and wanting this time for yourself. I have read, done things that I could not get done at any other time of the day with an active household.

For you with babies, I trained them to sleep at the same time as the older toddlers and children were napping/resting. I would lay them down in the crib at the same time each day and rub their back. Until I wanted them to sleep, I would keep them awake in order to establish their sleeping routine. The time that this takes pays off!!

Remember, keeping yourself as mom rested both mentally and physically brings refreshment to your soul Spiritually. There is NOTHING more important than a rested mom and a rested household full of young children when we are in the earlier years of homelearning.

Go for it!!

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  1. I wholly agree. I didn't always get the baby to nap at the right time, but I did make my kids rest. Until recently my oldest son thought that "so I can rest" was just my ploy to get them to nap. Not so! I was telling the truth.


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