Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Christmas Hymn by Nita Brainard

I love the old hymns and find that they have many more biblical truths in them than the modern songs, especially many of the choruses. That isn't to say that choruses don't have their place as there are many which I have enjoyed singing over the years. It is just that there are many old hymns that are dear to my heart. 

Fanny J. Crosby is one who wrote thousands of hymns, but she lived around 150 years ago and none of us lived during her lifetime. Maybe my grandparents were contemporaries of hers as they were born in the late 1800s....but they passed away many years ago. I have a friend who has written a 'Christmas Hymn'. Her name is Nita Brainard. My children have met her in person, and I have found her to be very special although I have not yet met her in person. Here is her poem and also a link to her blog where she shares about writing hymns. Maybe one of these days I will put my thoughts to the Lord into a poem. She makes it sound so doable!!

Christmas Hymn

Oh, do you believe in my Savior?
You honor the day of His birth,
But have you received His forgiveness,
And seen Him for what He is worth?

He came as a babe in a manger,
And  humbly He dwelt among men,
Yet He is the high King of heaven:
In judgement He's coming again.

He's righteous and holy and perfect.
His judgments are all of them right.
We fall so far short of His glory,
That all are condemned in His sight.

I beg you to call on His mercy,
Before your short life is all spent.
He's free with His grace and forgiveness,
And offers a chance to repent.

Don't cling to your own silly merit;
Don't cling to your sins or your pride;
But give yourself now to the Savior,
Today for Christ Jesus decide.

Nita Brainard
December 2011

Nita has such a personable way of expressing her thoughts about hymns in her recent post on her blog, Pilgrim's Purse and Poems. I'd like to share her link here as this is the best explanation I have ever read. She grabbed my attention better than any English book which explained poetry and actually made me feel like maybe I could even learn how to write a poem someday!! Whether you read someone else's poem or write your own, I hope that you are drawn closer to the Lord if you use what she shares to write your own. It is a way to worship the Lord, and that is something God especially desires from us!!

Hints on Hymnody

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