Monday, December 19, 2011

Just A Few More Days 'Til Christmas!!

I love the whole idea of starting off the week cheerfully by 'Making Your Home Sing (on) Mondays. Since Mondays seem to always bring me an overload of housework, it is such a pleasant thought to have an attitude of praise or singing. I love the old hymns and I love to sing just one after we eat breakfast. I don't actually sing like I should (don't tell anyone that I sing in the shower) because my voice often sounds like I have a cold....and I miss half the alto notes when we sing together . . . that's why I play an instrument instead. So, how was I 'Making My Home Sing Merry Christmas' today??

Today, I got the house back in shape after a nice the laundry almost caught back up, took care of some homeschooling desk work badly needing to be done before the end of the year, mailed Christmas cards, mailed Christmas presents to my parents, and pasted the Christmas cookie recipes I might use into "Plan to Eat", made a list of Christmas cookie ideas, bought dish soap (would you BELIEVE that I forgot to buy it for the SECOND week in a row?? 89c shampoo works almost as good (not quite as good!), I put butter on the counter to soften....but ran out of time to make that batch of cookies, put the butter back into the fridge, and made a delicious supper using my "Plan to Eat" recipe book and menu planner. It seems like I found this recipe on someone else's blog but I can't remember. Let me know if it is YOU.  How did this 'Make My Home Sing Merry Christmas'???? 

It is all in the preparations!! You will forget that Christmas is about Jesus coming to earth as a baby to live among us, then to die on the cross for our sins, so that we could accept his precious gift of God's Son to live in our hearts and abide in us . . . You will forget if you are too stressed!! So, what are my sage suggestions?? Persistence and consistence and don't procrastinate!!

I meant to start baking today but I hopefully will be ready to start tomorrow. I want to enjoy baking like I did when the children were little. There wasn't so much to do (oh yes there was!!) when they were little. Oh for those little hands reaching out to help dump the flour and sugar into the bowl. I remember letting my little daughter and son (who are now way grown) sit on the counter to add ingredients into the batter. By the time they were a little older, they were helping to bake. Now daughters still love to bake and we can make quite a lot of cookies to share with neighbors or for caroling door to door with our church family. Let your children help when they are little and don't give in to stress. I have been there and done that and oh....for that older woman who could have come along side of me and encouraged me and taught me how to destress when little children are jumping all over the place with excitement when there is LOTS to be done!!

I am ready to start baking!! 


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