Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Christ Child

Unto Us a Child Is Born

God sent the little Christ Child
So men might understand
That a little Child shall lead them
To that unknown Promised Land.
For God in His great wisdom
Knew that men would rise to power
And forget His holy precepts
In their great triumphal hour.
He knew that they would question
And doubt the Holy Birth
And turn their time and talents
To the pleasures of this earth.
But every new discovery
Is an open avenue
To more and greater mysteries,
And man's search is never through.
For man can never fathom
The mysteries of the Lord
Or understand His promise
Of a heavenly reward.
For no one but a little Child
With simple faith and love
Can lead man's straying footsteps
To higher realms above!


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  1. Judith, I love your poetry! I am not a good writer, I wish I could, because the holy spirit gives me revelations and it is hard for me to write it well. See you soon my sister!

  2. That isn't 'my' poetry either! I cannot write poetry at all though I wish I could :-) So, Sara, we are together in this appreciating a good poem.

  3. Hi Judith
    I totally agree with this poem's words that when men rise to power, they so easily forget their. God!! So sad.
    Such wisdom in these words.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Much loveXX


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