Saturday, December 1, 2012

Helter Sckelter Hustle Bustle Hurry Scurry!!

Christmas!! Christmas, that time of year that brings that helter-sckelter hustle-bustle-hurry-scurry days of December. December is here and there are just over three quick weeks before Christmas. 

Do you celebrate Christmas?

This is most definitely my favorite time of year although it brings so much to do.

You might hustle and bustle around a bit during the next few weeks, especially if you didn't plan ahead. Regardless, I want you to take a quiet moment with me to reflect on the Reason for the Season. 

There are certain qualities that this time of the year brings. I love the warmth the lights and decorations bring to the home in the evenings as we sit around as a family. I enjoy candles in the windows and the white lights on the tree. It is a time to slow down and enjoy each other and to let our differences and difficulties subside. Such sinners we are!!

There is such a miracle just in the Spirit that these days bring. Such an effect, its glory, and its joys. Thinking about Jesus as we put up the nativity scene and  hide the Wise Men for the children to find!! 

What a miracle it was that Mary conceived of the Holy Spirit. How is that?! How is that possible?! What would Mary have thought when she was told that she was pregnant with Jesus? The impossibility of getting pregnant in that way.  The awe that would have filled her heart.

Even though the hustle and bustle might steal your energy and tire you some, may you be invigorated this Christmas Season as you remember the Reason for the Season. Don't get soo busy over the next three weeks that you forget to spend time alone with Jesus some time each day. Don't surf your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or neglect your husband and children before you have spent time worshiping your Jesus. This season is empty without a relationship with Him.

For many more years than I care to remember
I have always looked forward to this time in December
As an annual reunion in heart and in thought
For renewing the friendships a long life has brought.
And this is a love link that keeps me in touch
With the wonderful people who have helped me so much
Whose friendship and kindness I will never forget . . .
For my life has been shaped by the people I've met.
And my books and my verses belong not to me
They reflect the dear folks who have unconsciously
Inspired my thinking in a myriad of ways
And encouraged my efforts with their prayers and their praise.


  • Put candles in your windows (just put one decoration out a day)
  • Make one batch of Christmas cookies for your family today :-)

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  1. My favorite words--the season is empty without a relationship with Him. So true. I think at these "helter-sckelter-hustle-bustle-hurry" times we must be even more careful of spending time with Jesus FIRST. The list of duties will be waiting.

  2. Yes, I cannot agree more. The wonder of Xmas can easily be lost in the busyness of this season.
    Bless you.

  3. Christmas is CRAZY! But I love it. I like your tips and thanks for linking up this week! :D Blessings!

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Twill cheer my heart and help my feet along the stony track.


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