Sunday, October 2, 2011

In All You Do Acknowledge Him

"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

Thoughts from my notes from church this morning.

God is incomprehensible!!

That is something to just think on, just ponder!!

I just thought that I would impress just this one thought from today . . ."In all thy ways acknowledge him . . ."

Most of what I do is mundane and ordinary. The things that I do are not earthshattering by any means, yet, I pray that what I have been doing for the past many years will shatter the world for the Lord Jesus Christ, through my life and my children. In the course of a day: I  teach my children, I will clean up the kitchen, wash a bathroom, cook a meal, wash laundry and iron, and when I get tired . . . play an instrument, transcribe a sermon, type a diary from a missionary to China, and spend time with my sweet husband and children. None of these things make me famous, none of these things are overly different from other mothers, and yet, as I have said for years, the mundane is what makes life full!

"In all thy ways..." Do I acknowledge God in "all my ways..."?? Do you?? Did I today?? Did you?? In every one of 'thy' ways....'every one' of them...did I acknowledge God today?? How did I talk to my husband? How did I talk to my children? It doesn't matter if you or I intentionally decide to say something wrong to those dear around us or said something wrong UNintentionally.  I have often said something meaning to encourage my children and heard the tone in their response and realized that they 'took' me wrong. Most moms have good intentions for their children. They want good things for their children. It is good to consider throughout the day, not waiting until the day ended, what we are saying and how we are coming across. If we are to be growing as a Titus Two woman until we are 90, then sometimes it is painful. Remember the growing pains you had a youngster? Who said that the Christian life is pain-free?! If we are to be growing closer to Christ, we will have pain as he prunes us into a woman who glorifies Him.

There were several things that were listed off this morning to consider. The one that was impressed on me most was 'thought patterns' but you can place in the blank the activity that the Lord impresses on your heart. During the past week, I have been more aware of my 'thoughts' and how much they can affect my responses. If I am tired, my thoughts can be reflected in just a sigh. How much this can become an attitude!! How much I can become 'weary in well doing' and totally ruin anything I am trying to do for others, not to mention for the Lord!! If I want to do something for myself, lets say, like reading a book or a blog, can I ruin the servant heart I might hope to have by rushing through the job, or thinking I should have help, or impatiently asking for help instead of coming along-side?? Hmmmmm!!

In everything, EVERYTHING...."In ALL thy ways....acknowledge him!!" Whether cleaning the house, homeschooling on a day that no one is listening to you, everyone has problems with math simultaneously, when all five of your youngest children are all throwing up (these are real examples), and your tire went flat in the rain coming home on a dark night from church, or Mount Never-Rest is heaped as high as the ceiling (the laundry, that is) . . . In all these types of happenings, think thoughts that are glorifying and thankful to God...check the complaining spirit inside of you which will spill out in your tone or spirit towards your husband or children. You might find it easy to 'be nice' to those outside of your home, but who you are at home, is where your testimony either shines the loudest or sounds the siren!! Communicate with those you live with in such a way that reflects Christ. Ask Jesus daily to be glorified in all that you say and do. Ask Him  to indwell you. Read John 15 often.

Acknowledge also means to confess. Confess your sins and take responsibility for your mistakes and sin.  Are you making Jesus known in your life? Not by putting a bumper sticker on your car but by doing something with your life and your mouth. God is wanting us to confess Him in all that you (or I) do. Give out a track and be ready to give a testimony through your words and even silently through your actions. Sometimes I have had someone come up to me and ask if I was a Christian. Do people identify you with Christ without or before you say a word? That is what God wants.

"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths."

*All the credit and glory go to the Lord Jesus Christ and my pastor because his message gave the spring-board for my thoughts in this post. ~Judith~

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