Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Peace of God which Passeth All Understanding

Jenny Daniel is one of my favorite poets. She is the wife of evangelist, Bro. Keith Daniel, from South Africa. They have been a wonderful encouragement to our family (and church family) during the past seven years. Hope you are blessed by this poem and others I will  type out as time allows.

Philippians 4:7
By Jenifer Rene Daniel
(Posted by permission)

Not a glimpse of reason
Never knowing why!
Despite my prayers and seeking
Closed the Heavenly sky!

Questioning His dealings
Dark my present path!
Thwarted expectations
Scorners point and laugh!

As Thy child -- I'll conquer
all the foe would do!
Peace--'not understanding'
has filled my heart anew.

Not as the world expecteth
when all seems lost and wrong
Peace -'past understanding'
has changed my sob to song!

We have not been promised that everything would always go 'right' and it may often seem that everything is going 'wrong.' In these times, isn't it good to read a poem like this and know the peace that God gives is 'past understanding'?? ~Judith~

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