Thursday, February 9, 2012

Politics and Donuts

The other night, we went to a political rally for Sam Rohrer.  The young people played in the Revival Brass and  A Capella Choir. The political candidate was a homeschooling dad and proud of it. He had an outstanding, unashamed, and uncompromising testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ. What a wonderful night!! It was certainly worth attending!!

Well, the motel was conveniently across the street from Krispie Kreme...and wouldn't you know it, my kids were starving!! They actually tried to convince me to buy donuts for them. You'd have thought they hadn't eaten in days, just kidding!! 

I have NEVER EVER had a Krispie Kreme donut!! Impossible you say!! Well, quite possible. So, you know, the van just happened to swing across the street for some of their Kreme filled donuts....YUM!! Double YUM!!

Nothing tasted better!!

What a delicious dinner....we'll talk another day about diabetes....but not today!! Ha!!


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