Monday, September 17, 2012

Desiring God: Colossians

All I want most in life is Jesus Christ. To know Him better and walk with Him is my strongest passion in life. It is why I blog. If through blogging I can affect someone else's life eternally, it is so worth it all.

For the past months I have been attempting (not too successfully) to memorize Colossians. Over at Good Morning Girls there is a study of Colossians going on for the next 8 weeks, starting today. I was so exited over the idea of concentrating on the very book that I have been meditating on. 

Here are some ideas that would work for your personal Quiet Time that you can apply to whatever book you are studying. Don't neglect your Quiet Time. It is the most important time of your whole day. 

Wholeheartedly following the Lord Jesus in this time spent alone with Him, sets the course of your day for your children and husband, and those you meet whether you are a stay-at-home mom, work outside your home, or a single lady. Whatever God has called you to do walk wholeheartedly with Him. You will never have regrets!!

So, here we go:

  • Good Morning Girls Colossians study go here and here.
  • Memorizing Colossians: September Encouragement from Marci over at the Thankful Homemaker where she shares some wonderful links from Nancy Leigh DeMoss of Revive Our Hearts on the importance of memorizing.
  • Using the S.O.A.P. Study method is a unique tool in delving into the Scriptures. This takes you through the steps of Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. You can read a fuller explanation by clicking here.
  • John Piper explains in just a few minutes why memorization is so important. What he shares is worth copying down as he shares some life-changing thoughts.

I need to locate a binder to gather together in one place the things that I study from Colossians and for things I print having to do with Colossians. For me, having a journal to record what I read and verses that stand out is vitally important. It is helpful for referring to later when I need encouragement or should an opportunity open up for a Bible study with other ladies.

Where are YOU studying in the Bible and what tools do you use? I have written about memorization before, how are you including this into your time with the Lord?

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  1. You are doing a wonderful job with your blog. Being disabled and housebound, i've had to suspend my bible study meetings due to too much pain and exhaustion. So reading your blog has been just making sure that i still have a toe dipped in while on a break

    Because of my ailments i am unable to take in a lot of information so learning by heart certain parts of the bible by heart it too much

    Please explain how you go through your learning process? Because i also learn by writing notes and reading. So would love to see how ur process might help me

    go in peace

  2. Thank you Jennifer for such a sweet comment. I will try to talk about some of these things in upcoming posts. You might also enjoy Gail's blog over at Bible Love Notes (she is the red coffee cup within my links on the side-bar. She just added an audio for her posts which might help you. Her posts aren't long at all which also might give you some spiritual encouragement while you listen.


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