Thursday, September 6, 2012

What? Captcha Letters & Numbers AGAIN?!

Have you ever felt like you MUST have a learning disability, or dyslexia, Alzheimer's, or maybe dementia? Sometimes I leave a 'comment' on a blog-post that is the most dynamically fantastic thought ever! I mean, it is just fabulous . . . until I see those fuzzy numbers and crooked letters in the box that I am supposed to copy!

If you want to know more about Captcha
my friend Gail writes about it over at Bible Love Notes.

I looked at those ridiculously sized letters straight on, sideways, squinting, studying them carefully because I only want to type them in once. Sometimes, they are more unclear than others and a wild guess is the best I can do!! How about you?? 

One time (probably more, but who wants to admit that?!) I just typed in anything because I had no clue what some of those letters were. I knew the box would appear for me to try it again. Discouraging?? Sigh!!

I know I am not dyslexic, but if anything is going to cause me to doubt, it would be those little numbers and letters in the boxes. I know I don't have dementia (I'm too young, you know) until I forget what letters and numbers I just saw and the scrolling mechanism on my computer won't scroll back so I can see them again!!

So, if I am not dyslexic, dementiated with Alzheimer's, and if I don't have a disability in seeing those letters, then what is my problem?! It's not my glasses. My eyesight is just fine!! Right? 

What happens when there is a snag in your day? When you find yourself frustrated that things aren't working out as planned? When you hoped to hit 'post' but instead had to type in those pesky little letters. Isn't it just like your day going all wrong? How do you respond?

Do you give up when you see those little letters? Do you forgo the comment and hit the little red "X" up in the corner of the page? Blessing another person's day is the best way to overcome a slump in your day

I know, for me, the Captcha letters can be difficult to read at best. I have always continued with submitting my comment no matter how many tries it takes. After all, blogging is for blessing!! I can't tell you how much the Lord has helped me overcome a huge slump in my life through blogging. 

Blessing others with a comment leaves your mark of blessing on their life; letting them know someone actually read their post. 

In Christ Alone,

If you want to know more about Captcha, my friend Gail writes about it over at Bible Love Notes. 

Since I live out 'in-the-sticks'... friends, like you are a long ways away!!
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  1. as one who has struggled with dyslexia those little boxes make me want to cry sometimes, but I agree, i like letting people know when their posts/blogs have touched me and love to hear from others. Finding ways to just push through and then let go of the struggle of the day is sometimes extremely challenging, but that is the key isn't it? Push through, and then let go in order to enjoy what's next.


  2. What a great post, Judith! And I agree - leaving an encouraging comment is always worth the effort. And getting one can really make a person's day. You never know what that blogger has had multiple posts gone un-commented and is wondering if blogging is worth the time and effort. :) You are a wonderful blogger and such an encouragement to others!!

    And I love your "follow me" post. Yes - I am definitely a long ways from you. :-) Over the meadow, through the woods, across a few lakes and over the sea....on the and somewhere between 6-9 time zones away. But, I'm following you on FB, Twitter and Pinterest now.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Whew, I do dislike those letter verifications. Thanks for your positive take on it.

  4. lol, I can't stand them either, I understand why some people have them, but they can be a pain!! I never let it stop me from commenting though either, cause like you said, it's giving a blessing, even if it takes a little longer to do so :)

  5. I dislike those word verifications also Judith - and no it's not your eyesight or dyslexia or even dementia setting in! The thing is, word verification is unnecessary as you can capture spam (which I believe the word verification is intended to prevent) in your spam folder on Blogger if you just ensure your comments is set to 'Monitor Posts'.

    Reviewing posts from the also ensures you don't miss anyone's comment which is very important to me. I like to take the time to read each and every comment and reviewing comments is the perfect and easiest way to do so.

  6. Thank you: Marissa, Rosalind, Mrs. Mordecai, Alecia, and Wendy for such wonderful comments. I was kind of afraid of actually posting this because I wasn't sure what sort of response I would get. I would never ever want to offend those bloggie friends who use those letters and numbers.

    I find them so hard to read. I just wanted to write about them in the friendliest way I could.

    Hugs to all of you sweet ladies out there reading this!!

    1. Meant to say: "You may get a giggle when you visit my blog!" CAPTCHA the moment with my cute little buddy!

    2. I sure did get to giggling...your cute little buddy sure CAPTCHAed the moment!! I wanted to CAPTCHA him and let him hop around my sidebar too. Cute!!

      Wendy, you are so talented!! I'd love to learn how you design your blog so beautifully.

  7. I have to say Judith that I will try once. And if the second thing that comes through isn't clear then I will GIVE UP! I wonder how many blog comments are just deleted because people can't read or don't have the time to mess with them!

  8. Captcha drives me bananas. It's good to know I'm not the only one! Thanks for linking up!


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