Monday, February 11, 2013

Doing a Pomodoro

I waste too much time. It just widdles away and before I know it the morning has disappeared or the afternoon . . . or my life.

You did know that our lives are like a vapour??

When I don't accomplish what I ought, soon stress fills my day as I try to get caught up with what needed to be done. I don't work good under pressure as some do. 

Nothing steals my JOY like stress!!

So, I kept wondering what a Pomodoro was that Ann Voskamp kept referring to in her posts. 

So, now I do a Pomodoro as I start to learn to be more intentional with how I use my time. Time well spent. Well spent for the Lord because the day is evil.

A Pomodoro is like a measurement of time.

  • I set the timer for 25 minutes.
  • I work at at task uninterrupted until the times goes off.
  • THAT is a Pomodoro!! 

I take a 5 minute break between each Pomodoro. That helps me to be more productive. How many times do I keep working and working at something until  I am no longer productive and work slower and slower??

Things that I do during a Pomodoro:
  • I disconnect from social networking (I wasn't so connected in the first place!!)
  • No Facebook
  • No Twitter (not that I know how to tweet other than post my post)
  • No Google +
  • No Gmail (now that hurts!!)
  • No NOTHING except work and productivity!!
There is more to a Pomodoro than all this but your brain is probably sizzling with overload since you just might be taking a 5 minute break to read my post?

If you are interested in Pomodoros you may purchase the book here.

Or download it here. 

The Apple Timer can be purchased here. 

It sure is cute!! How can I do a real Pomodoro without one?!

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  1. I'm not sure it would be possible with 4 little kids? Working for 25 minutes without being interrupted?? Sounds heavenly. :)
    Very good advice. Especially since I'm quite similar in that stress steels joy and time disappear and then I get cranky and stressed with all I have left to day.

    1. I wouldn't find that possible either. I had seven little children at one point...but it might work at night or early morning, especially if I was writing a post. I can see using this idea with children a little older for their schoolwork. I wished I had thought of it. It might make them work a little more consistently if they knew they had to work for only 25 minutes at a shot instead of for what to them would seem like an eternity.

  2. Just before sitting down here to read this I was thinking of how much time I wasted this morning. Here it is 2pm and I have so much to do....but I allowed time to go by and I spent way too much time on the internet reading and writing. :-( Anyway I just love this idea! Why didn't I think of setting my timer before? ;-)

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and leaving a comment!

    1. If either of us would have thought of this idea we could be earning a LOT of money selling timers. I use my Flylady timer since I already have it.

  3. One of the first things I put on my desk in my new office, after the jar of caramels, was a vintage white metal timer. I love to set it for 30 minutes, also, and see what I can pound out on the keyboard. The ticking is inspiring to me, but annoying to my family. :)

    1. The red apple timer is cute...but I haven't succumbed to buying it yet, since I have a timer. I have a Flylady timer that is QUIET and doesn't get my two teenagers (I used to have FIVE teenagers, LOL) chuckling!! I can set it where I am working or clip it on my waistband where no one sees it (until they hear it beep!! ;-)

  4. Judith...this concept is not far from Flylady. I have used my timer for many detailed tasks. It works! Now if I could use it more often. Tee hee. Thank you for the encouragement friend. Have a great week.

  5. Yes, it just might be a good idea to use a timer when social networking where ever we like chatting: Facebook, Twitter, email, commenting, but NEVER EVER when our hubby or children come around wanting to talk!! :-)

  6. Oh, I'm a Pomodoro addict! It works for productivity, but for me it also adds in some exercise. (that's not a problem for moms/dads with little kids, I can guess)

    But I use the 5 minutes to move around, because I'm sitting at the computer most of the day. If I do an 8-hour work day, then with 10 minutes for every hour, it means I'm moving (exercising) for an hour during the day! I have certain TaiChi moves and stretches that work for the extra 5-minutes.

    Love that you've written about Pomodoro!

    1. It has worked great for me because it is like a game we used to play called "Beat the Clock." Trying to get a task done before the time 'dings' actually often gives me extra time before the time is up. I like to exercise with T-Tapp...I am not familiar with Tai Chi.

  7. Yes Yes yes! Agreed on all accounts! Vapor, timers, and so on... our best days are days where I set the timer and FOCUS :-)

    1. I do so much better when I set the timer on myself. I don't sidetrack to some other task or checking email (oops) until I am done with the 25 minutes!! Thanks!!

  8. Just stopping by from the GRAND Social Linky Party. Thanks for sharing!

  9. So what's the difference between the Pomodoro and a kitchen timer (besides the fact that it is cuter, lol!). Is it because it's small and you can take it places?

    I love racing the timer and find it very helpful because I stay focused, don't get distracted, and avoid the internet as you said, lol!

    Thank you for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday! However, you forgot the courtesy link back, my friend! ;)

  10. I have such a tendency to scatter my attention in all different directions, thoroughly ruining my production. I did buy a timer with the intention of doing basically as you say above. Worked for about a week. I need to return to that, so thank you for the reminder. And thank you for participating in the GRAND Social!

  11. Timers; love 'em. I use the one on my phone :-)


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