Friday, February 1, 2013

The Valentine Challenge!!

We all have the tendency of being 'turned off' to something that Hollywood or Hallmark capitalizes on. For many years my husband and I didn't have too much to do with Valentine's Day.

But hey!! Who cares?! 

I love chocolate and flowers and anything that says romance. So why not?! 

I am on a life-long mission to build my marriage. 

Valentine's Day (no matter how secular the origin) is a wonderful way of romancing a marriage that you want to last a lifetime.

February starts on TODAY!! 

I Can't believe it!!!! 

I am going to do fourteen things for my husband each day leading up to Valentine's Day. I am going to surprise him. Except that he reads my blog.

It doesn't matter that we have been married a loooong time. It doesn't matter that "I" am the romantic and my husband is not. He will hopefully see the things I do as honoring and giving him affirmation. Men like that!!

Is your marriage struggling??

To be honest, most of us go through times and seasons (some longer than others) where our marriage struggles. Unless you 'want' to become a statistic, what are you going to do to strengthen your marriage??

I think it is a wonderful idea to take The Valentine Challenge and strengthen your marriage for 14 days saying to your husband that "I love you' in all sorts of ways!!

You would NOT believe how much thinking of the other person, being self-less (like stop looking for HIM to show he cares and DO it yourself!) goes so far in improving even a stressful season in your relationship.

Your man is the RIGHT one for YOU!!

God placed him in your life for YOU!!

Selfishness gets in the way; so be selfless TODAY!!

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  1. Hi Judith!

    I came across your blog while I was on my daughter's blog, The Enchanting Rose. I love the Scripture and encouragement you put up on your blog. I am your new follower.


    1. Thanks, Debbie for following my blog. I love your daughter's blog, it is beautiful and she has a wonderful heart for the Lord. Such a blessing!!


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