Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What am I Doing Here?

I love the poems by Jenny Daniel and I hope that this blesses you today. Jenny lives in South Africa and visits America with her husband and evangelist. You can read more of her poems at Prayer Club and you may also hear her husband, Keith Daniel speak, should you be interested. He is a very godly, humble man who has impacted the lives of many people. 

by Jennifer Rene Daniel

What am I doing here?
I hear your plaintive cry
As floundering upon the earth
You sink and moan and cry

What are you doing here
Dear child, how can it be
You haven't fathomed 'twas My love
That gave your life to thee

To fellowship with you each day
To cleanse and make you whole
Dear child I shed my very blood
For your repentant soul

I long that you will seek, My plan
My will, child, to fulfil
E'en be it posts and household tasks
My will is still My will

I ask for prompt obedience
I ask endurance strong
A single-minded pilgrim
Who shuns the shallow, wrong

Who sees life as a challenge
To be God's very best
Despite the petty hang ups
You will pass every test

I'm here to please my Master
I'm here to do His will
God help me, I'll endeavour
His precepts to fulfil

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