Friday, May 25, 2012


What an opportunity to write for five minutes each Friday!! I would never have thought about it in a thousand years!! I am not too original!! No editing. What if I say something wrong?! What if I say something dumb?! Well, here goes....

Today was a gorgeously mistily damp day. I would say that it was a rainy day but here in my neck of the woods, that wasn't exactly true. I'm not sure if it ever really rained. But (never start a sentence with 'but) but, it was sure damp!! I haven't watered my plants all week because the whole week has been damp.

As I sat on my front porch, which at my house, the front of the house faces the side of  the property instead of the front...that is so you can sit on the porch and gaze deep into the woods. Oh, and the woods are so pretty this time of year after rainy dampness causing the trees to have a lush hue of green with ferns and blueberry bushes covering the floor of the woods. Why are the bottom of woods called a floor? Who knows!!

What an opportunity to have a porch to sit on that faces out into a beautiful view. It is a place to reflect about the goodness of God. It is a place to renew my spirit and draw near to God. What an opportunity. 

Do you have a secret place where you draw near to God?


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  1. My front porch faces the front and I love my porch too! I do a lot of Bible reading and coffee drinking up there since we've gotten furniture and it is my special place. The neighbors probably think I'm nuts, thinking I'm talking to myself. I'm really talking to God- what a privilege we have :)


    1. A porch is such a special place, I never had one until almost 5 years ago. If mine faced the front it faces a dirt driveway which faces a private dirt road that gives access to the three houses on our road. If it faced front, there are still quite a few trees and no neighbors...only at the sides too far away to see through the trees.

  2. This post made me miss our old house. We downsized a little over a year ago. Our old house though, was beautiful, with beautiful landscapes and a peaceful creek and a huge front and back porch. I miss those porches. Those used to be my places. Now, I don't know. So much has happened in the last year. We have moved, been sued, had love ones with major illnesses and surgeries. We also lost our identical twin girls. When I read this post, I immediately thought their grave was that place for me but how could it? I haven't been, been unable to go, since the day we buried them. But I still thought of that place. I think my place is anywhere really. God is everywhere I am. It has been this grief that has caused me to draw very near to Him, no matter where I am. I have learned in the last 11 months since we lost Emmerson and Vivienne, that he always near. Always here. Just waiting sometimes for me to call out...

    1. Stephanie, it is always wise to downsize but we always have to be careful about 'looking back' as that can bring discontent. I am not saying you are but I have to be careful...that is why I say that. For twenty years we lived in a house that was on an acre. The back faced a small wooded area and then there was a huge field on a farm that you could see through the woods in the winter. Canadian Geese would play on the pond. I could sit in my kitchen and watch through the glass doors and see the mountain range in the distance. There was a stream (swamp??) that went through the wooded area that my children loved to play in. We had chickens, ducks,fuzzy lops and English angora rabbits (none of which we have anymore). We also had a small river three houses away. I can miss these too easily. The river we have now is three miles away...and we can't walk along it as they closed the tow path. God unmistakably moved us here but I must be ever-so-careful about being like Lot's wife and looking back.

      You have so many difficult things happen during the past year. So much!! I can't imagine loosing twins...I always had thought twins would be so much fun!! I like how you shared the closeness you have had with the Lord through all this. You are so right that He is everywhere and will meet us when we call out.

  3. Oh this wood looks so cool and beautiful. You are very fortunate to have such a beautiful view Judith. What a beautiful place to reflect during QT.

    I usually have my QT whilst seated at my computer. I find that is one of the best places for me to speak to God. I pray and He speaks to me via His Word whilst I am writing and studying. Often, I share my Bible study/QT's on my blog.

    Other places I have QT are in the living room or on the bench outside (if it's a nice warm day).

    I also speak to God when I am walking the dog down the country lanes surrounding our home.

    Wendy @ ECTaS

    1. Our woods are so restful. I am so thankful for them. I also like having my quiet times in my bedroom in a rocking chair I have there. Sometimes at the kitchen table is actually a favorite place. I get lots of my ideas for posts also from my QT.

      I can just imagine the beauty you have surrounding you. Are you in England or Scotland? My wonderful grampa came from Barrow-and-Furnace in northern England near the Scotland border. I grew up going to British Government schools overseas doing pound, shilling, and pence math problems :-)

      Sitting on porches are only nice when it is warm :-) otherwise it can be a bit too cold!!

      Thanks, Wendy for your comments. I will visit you over your way again real soon.

  4. Beautiful. I especially enjoyed this post.

  5. :D Yep, I got it all done,and even had enough time to make a head cover :)
    How was your long weekend?


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