Monday, May 7, 2012

Love is Thoughtful

How precious also are thy thoughts unto me,
O God! how great is the sum of them!
~Psalm 139:17-18~

As I continue to read the book, 'The Love Dare' by Steven and Alex Kendrick, I am challenged again. How about you?? Have you been challenged during the past week to restrain your tongue from saying anything negative to your husband? Did you buy your husband something that said you were thinking about him? Were you patient? Were you kind? I hope you weren't selfish?! 

As I am slowly taking in this book with such wonderfully short chapters (how easy for a mom is that?!), I am finding that I more clearly notice ways which I am failing. I am a real wife and one that fails as much (if not more) than succeeds. I am blood-bought and my righteousness is not my own but only through the Lamb. Of course, I don't intend on being negative but am I so 'helpful' that I am negative?? How about you??

In reading about not being selfish and writing about it last week, I tend to become more aware of my inner thoughts and intentions. This helps me to notice ways I am being selfish so I can curb my heart. How about you??

Now, as I think of how 'Love is Thoughtful,'...I think back to when I was first married. You ladies who have been married just a few months or years have such an advantage with all the wonderful books, blogs, and social connecting available today that teach and encourage the biblical roll you should be living out. There was so much I didn't know and now so much that needs to be unlearned. I have been on this journey for many years now but I have found it is easier said than done!! I am an imperfect wife and mom still learning the ropes. Will you learn along with me?

Love is active. It is not just an emotion that is uncontrollable. Love behaves itself and does not behave in an 'unseemly' way. Love does not seek its own way. Love is not easily provoked and does not think any evil of the other person (I Corinthians 13:5.) Love thinks about the other person and is thoughtful.

When you met your husband, wasn't it the most exciting experience in the world?! Whenever the phone rang or he spent time with you, didn't your heart start beating faster? Once you were married, I am sure that it was a special time still, until time started to slip away and routines were set and you began to settle into a daily pattern. 

With babies and toddlers it sure can become more of a challenge to be thoughtful towards your husband because you are tired (of course never cranky) by the time he arrives home from work and giving him that special time can be much harder than when it was only the two of you!!

Today when you are with your husband make a conscious effort to be thoughtful by:

  • Listening when he talks 
  • Giving your husband eye contact as he talks
  • Smiling at him as he talks
  • Holding your tongue if you disagree
  • Bringing him his favorite snack 
  • Rubbing his feet
  • Cooking a meal he loves
  • Dropping what you are doing when he calls for you
  • Doing that task he asked you to do cheerfully (make it a priority)
One thing that I did for my husband a couple of years ago was buy him an 'M & M' car for Christmas. It dispensed the M & M's and was LOTS of fun!! Of course, my husband wasn't the only one who benefited from this venture!! Sometimes he would wonder where all the M & M's disappeared to (children??)!! Of course, children (growing or grown ones) get more zits from eating too much chocolate while adults add more around the waist!! Nevertheless, it was something that definitely showed my husband that he was in my thoughts.

This list could be endless!!

Contact your husband sometime during the business of the day. 
Have no agenda other than asking how he is doing 
and if there is anything you could do for him.
(The Love Dare, p. 19)

What are ways that you have been thoughtful towards your husband lately??

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  1. Excellent post... thank you... given me food for thought!


  2. Love your post,the photo is so cute.
    Two beautiful people :)


  3. Yes, and writing these posts gives me food for thought too. My daughter from is my personal photographer.


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