Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Random Thoughts and Summer Kitchen Delights

It is Friday again and time for Random Thoughts to flow across my screen. I have an hour-and-a-half left of Friday to complete this!!  If you're on the West Coast, you have more time left than me. Does that mean you have more hours in a day than me?! Kidding!!

Today was beautiful with a constant breeze blowing through our woods. Oh, and the woods were gorgeous!! My daughter and I had to go out for a bit and we drove up to the next town, ten miles away. Sometime I will have to take pictures of the lake up at the next town. It attracts tourist this time of year for boating.  

Now, you all are probably gasping to think that the next town is ten miles away!! There are houses along the road, but not the congestion typical in American suburbia today. This   is vacation-land!! Going the opposite direction there are two towns. One is seven miles away and the other fourteen!! I am so thankful to God for miraculously moving us five years ago. 

Today was one of those days where I did some maintenance house cleaning but not the kind I do on Mondays. I made pancakes (see what I made below) and some sandwiches for lunch.  We had hamburgers and fries with a salad for supper. 

Earlier in the day, I did laundry and ironed. It was one of those days where it didn't seem like I accomplished overly much. Just as soon as I finished the laundry something 'new' showed up to wash!!  Isn't that hilarious?!

Once the house is cleaned and meals are cooked, it is easy to look around and think you didn't accomplish that much. I remember thinking that several times today. The thought also occurred to me that my thinking was wrong. There were some things I wanted to get to and I didn't end up getting to them during the morning.

I am listening to a message I transcribed. Transcribing a message is getting the words typed up on the computer so that it may be published. This is a ministry. Ministry is important, right?! Of course. 

I think we forget so quickly. After all we ladies read, how important it is to serve our family. THAT is ministry!! That is the most important thing. Well, not in place of sitting at Jesus' feet. Serving my family is more important than if I successfully transcribed fifty sermons!! 

When your house is clean, don't be fooled into thinking that you didn't do anything important for the Lord because you can't *see* anything but a clean house!! When you are rushing to get through with dishes and laundry that piles up, remember that God has CALLED you to be a mother; CALLED you to the most noble position. 

Take time for your children. There is always more laundry, always more dishes!!

Other things I did today: 

read a camera tutorial
Photography Tutorial
Spent time with my family
All sorts of little things that remain invisible.

You will just have to follow me or find me on Facebook
I'm not linking up on Fridays
(not at this point anyhow)
I'm just blogging for fun today!!

Enjoyed chatting with you!!

What did you do today that was invisible to your family
but of top priority in ministering to them??
I love comments as much as you do!!
Comments let you know a couple people read your blog, LOL


Summer Kitchen Delights

Strawberries are in season in June and I had lots of strawberries!!I
So, I whipped up this recipe and we had it with ice cream instead of whipped cream. Naturally, we didn't have whipping cream on hand. Didn't think of it!!

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker

I made these this morning 'just because' it was Friday. I rarely use Bisquick Mix because I am too cheap to buy it; it is too expensive and busts the budget!! I whipped up my own whipped cream as I learned my lesson when I made the Strawberry Shortcake without whipped cream. Strawberries are in abundance in early June and by now I should know that whipped cream comes without saying. Just sayin'

I hope to give this a try soon!!

I am going to try this just as soon as I get the boxed cake mix. I never ever have boxed cake mixes!!

Good Night!!


  1. Hi Judith :D
    How is yall's weekend?
    Great Here.Jeff is trying to make plans on him,and Jacob building a chicken coop.
    (WISH THEM LUCK) lol they will need it LOL

  2. Quote: "...Earlier in the day, I did laundry and ironed. It was one of those days where it didn't seem like I accomplished overly much. Just as soon as I finished the laundry something 'new' showed up to wash!! Isn't that hilarious?!..."

    My laundry basket fills up as quickly as I empty it too! I often wonder where all the washings come from?

    I have been ordering my priorities right this weekend! That's been an important task for me (and perhaps even more so my family). Your post echoes such too, and such is no co-incidence!

    1. It is such a blessing when we get our priorities straight. Everything runs much smoother. Mom and family is much happier.

      It was so sweet of you to take the time to leave a comment.


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