Thursday, June 7, 2012

I know that He'll Uphold Me

Isn't that a beautiful butterfly being upheld by those lovely lilac flowers?! I don't think that butterfly has a clue of its own beauty nor that of the lilac bush. Do you? 

Here you and I are sitting in our house and often we get so caught up in the difficulties of life that we are unable to see the beauty God has placed around us. We can't praise Him or sing when we are weighed down with our problems. Do you ever feel weighed down??

Just like this beautiful butterfly unknowingly sitting on beautiful flowers, we need to look around us and see all that we can be thankful for.

Today I had to get an old van inspected. It miserably failed and I was given a list a mile long of what ailments it had!! I am thankful that my husband will fix it, I am thankful that it has a totally full tank of gas waiting, that no one is hurt...just a failed inspection, that this was an added blessing and not our primary vehicle. 

It is too easy to miss the beauty surrounding my day when I focus on my circumstances instead of how God has provided and sustained our family in so many ways. Here I am sitting on a beautiful lilac bush while God is making something beautiful out of my life. I forgot to stop and smell the lilacs!! I am being morphed transformed into the image of Christ just like the ugly caterpillar that was changed into this beautiful butterfly.

I am being upheld as I journey this life. I mustn't forget!! I must remember to be thankful for the beauty God has placed around me.

Is God upholding you in some way?? 

In Christ Alone,

I know that He'll Uphold Me

It seems my feet have wandered
on an awesome precipice
Yet the winding path leads upwards
and my footsteps dare not miss

There are looming clouds of darkness
There are wailing cries of woe
Still the winding path leads upwards
and I know I there must go

I can hear the saved souls singing
Of their journey here below
I can hear my Master calling
for His voice I surely know

Thus I plant my feet more firmly
And I gaze on Him alone
For I know that He'll uphold me
'till my pathway reaches 'Home'

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  1. Hi Judith!

    It's good to have some time to drop by tonight and say "hello"

    Lovely post... and "yes" God has been upholding both my husband and myself for the past five and a half years as the stormy waters of a now pressing situation have threatened to pull us under their raging billows. God has been the lifter of our heads throughout. Praise His Name. He is faithful.

    Wendy @ ECTaS

    P.S. I will pop round at the weekend again (God willing) :D

  2. Judith~ so good of you to stop by Life, Love, and Laughter. I am thinking that exercise keeps us young...whether I like it or not. God is upholding me daily as I raise the children he's blessed us with. Interesting how the beauty we admire in nature can not recognize it in itself, but we can see the creator through His creation. Thank you for this great reminder.
    Keep up the God work


If you have gone a little way ahead, O friend, call back --
Twill cheer my heart and help my feet along the stony track.


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