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Joseph's Jealous Brothers (Teaching Children Bible)

Whether you are teaching your own children or need a bible lesson for a class at your church, it is a blessing which requires preparation and ingenuity. Recently, I taught a Bible lesson for children who ranged from three to twelve year-olds. There were eleven active children and in case you are wondering if the age range is too broad, keep in mind that these children are homeschooled and live daily with varying ages. 
They all knew the lesson better than I did, or so they thought, LOL!! We had a load of fun as I tried to be creative in getting the spiritual lesson across and embedded in their young minds. 

Here is a sampling of what I taught, just in case you can glean some ideas from my time with the children.

Joseph's Jealous Brothers

Scripture: Genesis 37:1-4, 18-28

My children don't have a very long attention span. It seems that attention spans get shorter and shorter, so I kept things moving. Their minds and bodies were active so there were lots of comments and questions.

I first read the verses right out of the King James Bible. I know, you would say they are too young for this, but it worked to keep the lesson on track and my wavering mind on track too!!

We (yes we) used flannel graph to tell the story. I have a set of Betty Lukens which I have had for almost twenty years. I used it in an interactive manner; with the children helping to place the figures on the background. This gets them involved in the lesson and engages their active minds which aids retention. Hopefully their hearts are engaged also and receptive to the Word of God.

I also let them act out the story. This REALLY brings the story alive as every faculty of their minds and body participates. The lesson won't go exactly like you planned as they can get rather rambunctious. It is better than children sitting absolutely still; giving the impression of attentiveness while their mind wanders in never-never-land!!

I emphasized the colors in Joseph's coat and told the redemptive story of Jesus using colors. I emphasized the blood of Jesus, shed to wash our sins away. When I gave them the coloring page, I asked them to color a stripe: 
  • gold (heaven), 
  • black (sin), 
  • red (blood), 
  • white (cleansed from sin), 
  • and green (for growth.)
Here are some of the resources that I used to teach the story. I used them loosely as nothing goes as planned when teaching little children!!
This week, I didn't include a craft. Instead I provided several coloring pages, a maze, and plenty of construction paper, crayons, scissors, and glue sticks. I found that the children would come up with their own 'craft.' As a child, I always remember being so embarrassed because I couldn't understand how to do the craft. As an adult, often helping children by practically doing the craft because the child doesn't follow your directions!! 
The internet is alive with creativity for children's bible stories. 

Do you start your day off with a bible lesson in homeschool?? Do you teach a bible class for your church, or club?? What have you found that works to direct young hearts to Jesus??

In Christ Alone,

Other posts on Bible stories for children: Wordless Book, Jonah, Gideon, David & Goliath coming soon!!

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