Monday, June 25, 2012

One Step Forward: Two Steps Backward!!

One step forward, two steps backward!! That is what I have been doing as I tried to keep up with blogging the past week!! Family is so important that there are times, like last week, when blogging must take a backseat!! 

I missed all my bloggie-friends as I dropped out of the bloggisphere. 

Photo Credit: Haven of Rest

Last week was a wonderful action-packed week for my 17 and 19 year old children as we rushed out the door every morning just after 8 am for church. At our church, our young people play instruments in a brass band, and also sing in a choir.  

Last week we had intensive band and choir lessons. There also were classes in music theory, devotions, instruction for the girls and boys to prepare them to be godly men and women. Then in the evenings we had a speaker from South Africa, Roy Daniel, who challenged us in many areas. We got home around 10 pm after a rousing game of soccer (well, I didn't play, my children did.) 

Have you ever considered the possibilities of music ministry?? We play in concerts in various churches and a nursing home once a month. We are able to cross the generational lines and bring the gospel to those who do not know the Lord, and encourage the household of faith. It gives purpose to your children's practice time when they have a place to play several times each month. It is a good example when a few of the parents play along with the band, demonstrating that adults can serve the Lord too.

Today, as I cleaned my living room, did laundry, and blessed my home and family, I would sit down and read one post every few hours. Alas!! I was slowly trying to catch up with my 'blogged' inbox!! Every time I would sit down again...I had one or two more posts arrive!! One step forward, and two steps backward!! 

Taking one step forward, and two steps backward, is much like our progress spiritually. Too often we grow in the Lord, making 'forward' progress only to slip backwards soon afterwards. Growing closer to the Lord is much like learning to play the trombone. I learn a new song and learn to play it fairly well, only to slip backwards in skill once I miss practicing for a few days. 

Being a Believer means abiding in Christ moment by moment. It is talking to Him as we go through our day. Praying without ceasing over the little things we face and the big things. Interceding for others both those of the faith and those who do not know Him.

Missing your Quiet Time with the Lord is taking 'two steps backward!! Don't neglect your time with your precious Lord Jesus because you put your online communication before your intimate relationship with Christ. That is two steps backwards. Two steps backward everyday instead of taking one step forward everyday eventually results in spiritual dryness and decay.

Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me. 
~Psalm 119:133~

Suffice it to say, I love all you ladies, and hope you know that I missed you!! You have all been a blessing in my life and I hope to bless you all this week by taking the time to bless you with a visit. 

In Christ Alone,


  1. What a beautiful post. I do love music ministry but we do not have a consistent one at our church do to lack of involvement. My 20 year sometimes plays with other churches when they need help.

    Yes, staying focused on the Lord is critical and sometimes even hard. It's easy to let the day to day take over. I have to sit back, pause, and let those things go to focus on what is more important. God.

  2. YEA! Judith is back :D

    1. And the faster I go; the more behinder I get!!

  3. Judith...welcome back sweet friend! Those two steps backwards for me usually happen when I am memorizing portions of Scripture. If I am doing well and then miss a few days of review, I have to almost start over again to get back into the groove before moving forward. It can be frustrating but eventually I catch up. Thank you for sharing at WJIM.

  4. You suddenly appeared on my dashboard again! With this post on top. :-)

  5. least you can find your dashboard!! I only find it once in awhile by accident!! My Google Reader doesn't cooperate, I get a notification of my own blog and it arrives in my inbox about 18 hours after I post it!! I guess you were just supposed to think of me just then!! :-)

  6. lol at least yalls photos show up rofl just call me the Invisible woman rofl


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