Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Planning from Thanksgiving to Christmas: Part 2

Frazzle Free with Frazzle Franny!!

I think FlyLady has the right idea of starting early to avoid the stress that Thanksgiving and Christmas can bring. For special days like these, family and food go hand-in-hand with fellowship. As a Believer, I want these days to reflect the Lord Jesus Christ without having any trace of being frazzled!!

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Are you joining me in preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas??

In case you missed yesterday's post, here are the three things you can do in just 15 minutes:

  • Print Flylady's Holiday Control Journal.
  • Find an attractive (or not so attractive 3-ring binder...remember we are being miserly) and hole punch and place the Holiday Control Journal in the binder.
  • Breeze through the journal and get some ideas going for the weeks ahead.
Did you do them??

Remember I told you I am late joining the fun?? Well, I plan to start from the bottom of FlyLady's Holiday Cruising Missions and work up the list two at a time for the next week. 

This is the perfect time of year to go through your belongings and Fling what you aren't using into the garbage or goodwill depending on whether those things can be reused or not. Our church is collecting clothing and food items for those in NYC who are without homes or flooded due to Hurricane Sandy. I am sure that goodwill items are collected in your area and used for good purposes. Just make sure that what you donate isn't better thrown in the garbage!!

It is all the extra clutter and belongings that we Americans accumulate that overwhelms us around this time of year!! There is nothing worse than receiving gifts this time of year but having no place to put it!! Toys can be a major problem and since children grow out of clothes they can also grow out of toys. Ask your children to help you select clothes and toys that they no longer use for those in need. You might be surprised how much fun they have thinking of others!!

Now, did you find a binder and print up the free sheets from FlyLady for Cruising Through the Holidays?? 

Both last year and this year, I added mine to a binder I have used for years. You see, each year we make Christmas cookies to give to neighbors and people we reach out to through our church. I have had a collection of cookie and bread recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas that I return to each year. The recipes are in this binder. It beats trying to find them each year!! 

It gets pretty hectic baking around 1000 cookies and putting them into containers. I didn't make so many the last couple years but it has helped to have a system for the rest of the things I need to do to make memories for my family this time of year, frazzle free!!

So, don't find a 'perfect' binder or spend all kinds of hours putting your binder together....perfectionism will make you frazzled and I want you to be frazzle-free!!

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  1. You must be talking to me, the planner-iffic queen of the planet! Great post Judith!


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