Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What I Wished I Had Done: Early Thanksgiving Preparations

If you are like me, it is easy to get overwhelmed cooking the Thanksgiving meal whether you are an experienced cook or a newbie like I once was. The best recipe for becoming overwhelmed is to have too many things going at once. This year, I am going to enjoy my family and the time we have together. How about you?

I am prone to wander and even after all these years get overwhelmed quickly. A chaotic mess in our home can contribute to that feeling. The Lord has worked in my life to balance those things out through raising seven children.

What have I found that works best?

Here are some tips I have learned through cooking Thanksgiving meals over the years: through headaches, fussy babies, nursing babies, whiney children, laughter, toys to trip over, and the visits on Thanksgiving with my sweet mother-in-law.

I have always loved to put on a big meal so my 'overwhelmed feelings' were put on the back burner, especially once we sat down to enjoy the fruits of my labors and of my daughters as they grew more helpful.

Most years, I started early to avoid purchasing my turkey the day before Thanksgiving. I have some funny memories of frantically buying the turkey the day before and questioning the butcher for frenzied thawing advice!! Not the best plan!! I can tell you!!

So, buy your turkey earlier in November. Try to find sales, if possible. I usually buy two more turkeys for winter meat and soups as I see sales between November and December. The cost of the Thanksgiving meal is spread out when you think ahead and buy early!!

I plan to shop for my Thanksgiving meal on the Friday before. That way I am prepared for our church Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner as well.  This year we plan to have some friends over, so the cooking will be shared between two families. What a blessing!!

In order to wholeheartedly enjoy Thanksgiving this year - to truly give thanks unto the Lord, and to enjoy family and friends, I am going to be directing your thoughts to early preparation of the meal.

Early preparation will release you to wholeheartedly focus on the Lord doing your cooking heartily unto the Lord.

Are you preparing your heart and home to wholeheartedly enjoy this holiday??

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  1. I like your recipe for becoming overwhelmed. I think I can do that.


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