Monday, November 12, 2012

I Will Praise the Lord at All Times

As we look towards Thanksgiving, I was thinking this morning how important it is to prepare our hearts to praise and give thanks to the Lord. I was struck this morning by how much God cares about those issues in my life that concern me. He is concerned with them too!! How common (though it shouldn't be) for  me to get caught up in anxiety simply because I do not trust Him to work in the situations of my life. 

Naomi Anna's Photography

I think praise and thankfulness should be something we do every day of the year. But too often we don't. As I look towards Thanksgiving, I am going to be intentional about giving praise and thanksgiving.

I am also going to be intentional about giving praise and thanks to my husband and children. We too often take them for granite not verbally praising what they do for us or thanking them for a job well done.

I was reading this morning about dietary choices that would discourage mood swings and grumpiness. I'm sure that would be helpful; but shouldn't we choose conversation that shows praise and thankfulness? I think those blue moods would swing away from grumpiness much faster than a diet with a heart that is thankful. 

Choosing praise and thankfulness is bringing our thoughts into captivity (2 Corinthians 10:4 & 5) and thinking on things that are:

"Finally, brethren, 
whatsoever things are true, 
whatsoever things are honest, 
whatsoever things are just, 
whatsoever things are pure, 
whatsoever things are lovely, 
whatsoever things are of good report; 
if there be any virtue, 
and if there be any praise, 
think on these things. 
Those things, which ye have both learned, 
and received, and heard, 
and seen in me, do:
and the God of peace shall be with you."

When it isn't easy to praise and be thankful; praise and be thankful anyhow.!!

Look to the Savior for your joy as He is the only one who can give it to you. You cannot work up a lasting disposition of joy through praise and thankfulness, though you could do it for a season. It is only through the abiding grace of Jesus Christ living through your every action and thought, transforming your life from the inside out that will help you to intentionally live a life full of praise and thankfulness.

It is my personal challenge to give intentional praise and thankfulness to my Lord and King; also reflecting the spirit of praise and thankfulness towards my family this Thanksgiving Season. What are you doing intentionally as you prepare for Thanksgiving??

I Will Praise the Lord at All Times

Winter has a joy for me, 
While the Saviour's charms I read, 
Lowly, meek, from blemish free, 
In the snowdrop's pensive head. 

Spring returns, and brings along 
Life-invigorating suns: 
Hark! the turtle's plaintive song 
Seems to speak His dying groans! 

Summer has a thousand charms, 
All expressive of His worth; 
'Tis His sun that lights and warms, 
His the air the cools the earth. 

What! has autumn left to say 
Nothing of a Saviour's grace? 
Yes, the beams of milder day 
Tell me of his smiling face. 

Light appears with early dawn, 
While the sun makes haste to rise; 
See His bleeding beauties drawn 
On the blushes of the skies. 

Evening with a silent pace, 
Slowly moving in the west, 
Shews an emblem of His grace, 
Points to an eternal rest. 
<3 Thank you Renee Ann Smith 
from Doorkeeper for the inspiration of this poem.

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  1. Hi Judith,
    Thank you for visiting me! :)
    Father cares so much for us and He has so many good things for us. His provision is bountiful, it is just we are so spoiled that we want so much and some of the things we want are not good for us.

    The Canadian Thanksgiving is over. Since our seasons here are shorter we celebrate in October. This year was very early as Thanksgiving was on October 8.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Child of God, and for the sweet comments. I think England celebrates their Harvest festival/Thanksgiving in October too...I don't really remember. I went to British schools and we were allowed to take off for the American Thanksgiving.

  2. Beautiful photo of the tree tops!!! I could stare at that all day! I join you in singing praise to our Creator. Love your thankful heart!

    1. Yes, I love that photo too!! My daughter took it :-)

  3. Beautiful photos. I love where you write about being intentional in praising our family. Thanks for the gracious reminder.

    1. Sometimes we HAVE to be intentional because a real family doesn't always get along every minute of the day. Then, there are times we forget and everyone takes each other for granite.

  4. I think it is a great reminder to be thankful to people in our lives too.

    1. I think being thankful to those in our lives is truly reflecting Christ.

  5. That's beautiful, Judith! I love what you said here: "When it isn't easy to praise and be thankful; praise and be thankful anyhow.!!" That is certainly the time that we need it the most, right?

    1. We have to be thankful in the good times and the bad times or we will become bitter people. Thanks, Nan, it is so good to see you here!!

  6. Amen, Judith, and thank you posting about intentional praise. Love this--I hadn't read that poem in years. Blessings, Gin

    1. You're so welcome!! You are going to laugh...I just discovered William Cowper (WHERE was I?!) through a friend and then found part of this poem on a blog (that I mentioned) and googled for the whole poem. Now, I want the book, there must be a book of his poems.


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