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GIVEAWAY!! 2013 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner & Supplement

2013 Confident Mom 
Weekly Household Planner 
& Supplement

I have been using the 2012 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner since mid-summer. I have found it very helpful in remembering to rotate household tasks, just a few each day. Nothing overwhelming about that, is there?!

Personally, I wish this had been available when my children were younger and I was a busier mom homeschooling and running our home. This would have been a GIANT help without the twaddle of some of the planners 'out there' which include too many 'unnecessaries.' Whether you homeschool or not, this planner is WONDERFUL!! 

If you are unfamiliar with the 2013 Confident Mom 
Weekly Household Planner, read what Susan has shared. 
You'll be glad you did!!

Last year I released a new resource called The 2012 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner. Intended to make the daily lives of moms more organized, more productive, less stressful, and overall more pleasant, the Weekly Household Planner was met with open arms from moms everywhere and was a huge success! I received numerous positive comments, as well as a few ideas for improving next year’s version, which was wonderful.

I am pleased to announce The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner is back for 2013! Thanks to the ideas I received, this year’s Weekly Household Planner is even bigger and better than last year!

The 2013 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner keeps busy moms motivated and on track with all their to-do items day after day, week after week, all year long. This weekly planner breaks down household items into manageable daily and weekly tasks, utilizing smaller increments of time to keep the tasks from becoming too large and overwhelming. This also makes them easy to delegate! 

No stone is left unturned—it includes everything from ironing, cleaning the bathtub, vacuuming under furniture, and washing the car to taking your vitamins, exercising, meal planning, and pampering yourself! It will even help you make sure you’re drinking enough water each day. 

Add your own to-dos or reminders—extra space has been left on each day and week so you can add in any items specific to your household. There’s also space available to jot yourself notes. 

Two versions of the Weekly Household Planner will again be available to choose from: one includes daily quiet time to read through the Bible in a year, and the other has no Bible reference or study time. Both versions include weekly “fun” or “inspirational” quotes for added enjoyment and motivation.

The 2013 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner helps moms from all walks of life create a smooth running, stress-free home—which ultimately makes for a happy mom!

In addition to improvements/additions made on the Weekly Household Planner, I am excited to offer a new supplemental packet to further increase organization within a household. The Weekly Household Planner Supplement is available as a separate item and includes such things as:

  • Master Family Planner to keep track of the entire family’s activities on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Special Occasion Calendar/Gift Planner so you’ll always be prepared for the next birthday or special occasion.
  • Holiday Gift Planner Worksheet to keep track of your holiday shopping list and purchases.
  • Babysitter Information Form so your sitter has all the important info he or she needs.
  • Quick Contacts to keep important contacts available for easy reference when you need them in a hurry as well as frequently used numbers.
  • Family Emergency/Medical Information Form to keep medical and insurance info easy to find and share with those that need it.
  • Website/App List for Kids so you can record websites/apps your kids are interested in.
  • Website/App List for Me so you can record websites/apps you want to visit or buy.
  • Account Keeper Sheet to keep track of online accounts, including usernames and passwords.
  • Weekly Menu Planner/Shopping List so you arrive at the store prepared and don’t overpurchase.
The 2013 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner is available for $9, and the Weekly Household Planner Supplement is available for an additional $5. For only $14 for both, this is a great value! Both are available as a digital PDF download from my website so you can begin your household transformation immediately!

Take action now—get your household and life organized so you can enjoy 2013!


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  1. Hmmm. looks so interesting to me because I am finding that if I plan properly my life is simplified. Its a good reminder to plan... and plan for interruptions! :D

  2. Hello Mrs. VK ;-) It helps with little ones because I could never think straight in the store (or at home) once. So nice to *see* you ;-)

  3. Leslie, thanks so much for the encouraging me. I was so scared to do a giveaway :-)

  4. I am sorry I missed the giveaway! Following ou on Facebook :)

  5. Thank you for sharing and linking up at Simply Helping Him! It sounds like a great product! Blessings!


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