Friday, November 9, 2012

Let Peace on Earth Begin with Holiday Spending!!

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.
~Luke 2:14~

This is one of my favorite Christmas verses which I would sing to you (ha!!) if you'd listen. As a little eight-year-old girl, I had memorized and quoted Luke 2:8-14 ending by singing the last verse. 

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For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season, I would like for you to sail through without stress. There are so many demands and voices coming from everywhere this time of year. Last year kinda stressed me out without the young children to help bake and happens. 

This year, I am going to sail through Christmas with as little stress as possible. How about you coming along with me??

I am sitting down this week and making my lists for my:
  • Thanksgiving menu
  • Thanksgiving grocery list
  • Christmas card list
  • Christmas gift list
  • List(s) for any decorations
  • Christmas menu
  • Christmas grocery list
Even though Thanksgiving is about two weeks away (if it is closer, please don't tell me!!) I need to do this soon to avoid that last minute panic that follows the procrastinator!! If I can get a decent sized dent made in all the these lists, I will be well on my way to 'peace' in my 'home.' 

Peace on Earth begins in the home, and without being at peace in my soul, it is easy to become Frantic Franny: irritable, impatient, and cranky towards all who come across my path. I want my disposition this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season to reflect the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Peace begins with us mamas not spending too much!! Do you think our relationship will be the best with our husbands if we whip out that credit card at every store just because we are broke?! The biggest stress in marriage is finances and I am going to make wise choices this year!!

So, now that the weekend is here, what I want you to do is to consider your budget as you make these lists and plan away. Gas has been expensive this year, car repairs were needed, and maybe you are like us and you have not recovered from home repairs in the last year or two, and your reserves are low. 

So, you are going to budget for the holidays without taking from your savings!!

It's Friday and the weekend is here. You might be preparing to do some shopping. 

I am going to wait until next week to start my shopping and make my shopping lists this week. I am NOT going shopping WITHOUT my list!! 

I'll print my shopping lists out. 

I'll put them on my phone. 

That way I CANNOT forget my list (unless I forget my phone, LOL).

If you have been stressed out during the third week of December other years, you are NOT alone!! 

I am going to have the best week before Christmas this year and be able to enjoy baking, caroling, Christmas programs, and family. How about YOU??

Remember, You want to enjoy the New Year when it rolls around without getting credit card bills in the mail. It is far better to have a small Christmas and give less expensive gifts to friends and relatives. Don't get caught up in impressing people. You WILL feel wonderful come January!!

Peace on Earth begins in our hearts and home. It begins with YOU and ME not spending too much!! 

As FlyLady says, "Budget; Don't Begrudge it!" Doesn't that just say it all in a catchy way that you will remember it in the store??

We've got to STOP spending too much and keep within our budget!!

Don't even try to keep up with the Joneses!!

Some Budget-Busting Basics for Christmas Gift-Giving:
  • Do an ornament exchange with friends or relatives.
  • Or how about a T-shirt exchange?
  • Email relatives or friends and suggest picking names out-of-a-hat.
  • Put a $5. limit on gifts. It is possible, you'd be surprised.
I am going to be careful in making my lists this year and sticking to my budget. I am also going to sit down each evening, probably late in the evening to plan out the food, groceries, decorations (slim pickings), and gift-giving. 

I want to help my husband who has worked so hard and faithfully to provide for us over the years, not hinder him. Isn't this the best Christmas plan for Peace on Earth? 

Peace on Earth starts in my heart at a time, one peaceful home at a time which theoretically would bring Peace on Earth. I am looking for the Peace on Earth that will come when Jesus returns to Earth for the Second time.

For now, I am thankful to have Peace on Earth in our home as we reflect on the gift of Jesus who came to die for our sins.

Ignore the $150. minimum as that is for consultants like me 

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  1. Hello,

    Your blog looks so pretty!

    This is a great post, full of helpful ideas.

    As I have grown older, I have learned to keep it simple. I love everyday of the holidays, and I try to make the most of each one. But I have learned not to over do it.

    Jesus is the reason for the season.

    :) Hope

  2. I agree with Hope, I try to do what I can. I usually start baking and giving gifts starting Thanksgiving, that way I am not trying to do it in two weeks of Christmas. Thank you again for taking your time to share godly wisdom.

  3. You have spoken my sentiment about this Christmas season. Due to more than the lack of $$ , we have decided to make this Christmas an edible one. Our gifts to one another will be treats to share & eat while we sit by the fire. We may make paintings or drawings too...depends on how the days go. Now that the next generation is old enough to enjoy the preparations, it should be a most enjoyable time. God bless you all!!

  4. Good, sound advice Judith... so many people dread Christmas because of the expense. I know that some of my relatives would turn their noses up at a gift less than £50. I sometimes feel I have to keep up with the Jones' to keep them happy. I would prefer they gave lesser presents so I didn't feel the pressure of having to 'keep face' with theirs.

  5. Thanks Wendy. You make me smile as you mention fifty pounds...a huge part of my math was doing pounds, shillings, and pence sums :-)

    "Keeping Face" with each other's gift giving is so true. We loose the reason for giving too. Our best Christmases as a family was making presents for each other. I don't think all of our relatives exactly liked our homemade gifts during those years :-)

  6. Funny you should say that your best Christmases involved making things for others... as a child, I loved to make Christmas cards and remember making one for my teacher and being so proud to give it to her. It was a fab feeling! The simpler things in life bring so much satisfaction.

  7. Great thoughts Judith. I am definitely going to follow your lead with lists and not spending too much. So true, come January, we will be so thankful. And I'm joining you in the goal to thoroughly enjoy that week before Christmas. Please God! Thanks for coming by Be sure and come again. Blessings!


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