Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas Planning: Sending Greeting Cards

As the weather seems to get colder each day, it sure makes me want to create a warm glow within our home. 

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How about creating that warmth in your home through sharing your love through Christmas cards this year? It doesn't have to be expensive. I find the nicest cards at the best price. You could even send an online greeting for free!

Will you be sending out Christmas cards? Each year I think, no way, I can't do this again!! Each year, we do it again!! How else (beside internet) do you connect with friends from years gone by who don't use social media?!

Christmas greetings don't have to be complicated. Many years we have done a letter because aunts and uncles [grin] need to hear from us. We rarely to pull together a picture (these days that is what Facebook is for, right?) and besides, we are trying to 'connect' but keep the cost down. So, "Keep it Simple Sweetie" and just send out a few cards or e-cards to share your love.

Go through your desk where you keep all your cards (if you are like me, your cards and stationary are in three different places, no joke!!) and find all the leftover Christmas cards from other years. I know I have them!! This will cut down the expenses, that's for sure.

If you are adventurous, you could make your cards with stamp art and involve your children. We did this one or two years. The best cards I have received are homemade ones. We bought a special Christmas stamp at a local craft store, or you could purchase one online. 

It is perfectly acceptable these days to send Christmas cards out in the form of e-cards or through an email attachment. I receive some of these each year. This would definitely fit in the budget!! 

There is nothing like getting a snailmail card, so even though money is tight as always not an issue this year; I will be sending real cards to real people, at real addresses, in a real envelope, with a real stamp. I figure, that my friends and relatives are special people in my life who I'd like to express my love to just once during the year. Like I said, there is nothing like getting a real letter or card in the mail!!

To keep costs to a roaring minimum, one thing I have often done (and will likely do this year) is to send an email greeting to those I connect with online or who use social media and a snailmail card to my closest friends and relatives. Hey, they are all online but an aunt and uncle, or grandparents really should have something extra special. My aunts and uncles have always remembered me through the years, and sending them a card is a small way of returning their love. 

What ideas do you have for sharing a Christmas greeting this  year??

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  1. Tell my I'm crazy for wanting to make homemade cards this year. I'm already overloaded, but it sounds like fun. Sigh.

    1. You're NOT crazy!! If my children were still younger (sigh!) I'd go for it too, overloaded or not!!

  2. I really think this is the year I will send cards. I haven't done it in years. And I so agree that receiving snailmail cards are a joy. Thanks for the inspiration...and maybe I can inspire you a bit. Come on over to my new website You could even win a copy of Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts. Blessings!

    1. Yes, and I hear that 'snailmail' is the returning 'in' thing!!

      I'm going to hop on over to your place right now!! I keep hearing about Ann Voskamp's book :-)

  3. my kids like when I send cards...I usually somehow motivate. I enjoy getting cards, especially with a family picture...I like to see how the kids have grown!!

  4. Family pictures are fun but easier when the children were younger! Last time we tried to do a family picture, we froze out on the deck while one of the kids tried to get the timer on the camera to work. We gave up when it finally worked but left an empty spot where the 'photographer' never made it to the spot fast enough!! We considered sending that picture out to be funny that year but thought better since not everyone would enjoy our humorous moment!!

    Nice that you stopped by, Annmarie

  5. I love to make cards and am looking forward to getting a pix of my 3 kiddos and making the cards the first week of December since we're taking the month off from school! :) Great ideas here! Thanks for linking up at Simply Helping Him this week! Blessings!

  6. Greeting cards are very important to communicate our inner thoughts.

  7. Greeting cards are important when it comes to communicating our thoughts.

  8. Will be try to take next upcoming fair :)


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