Monday, November 5, 2012

Planning from Thanksgiving to Christmas

Last year I found it very helpful to try Flying through the Holidays, Christmas being my final destination. There is so much to do as this is the part of the year where we reconnect with friends and extended family. This can prove challenging as often extended family has differences in how they celebrate. We want to keep the unity with the Spirit of love as a undefiled testimony unto the Lord.

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Last year I sort of used Flylady's Holiday Control Journal...but I think I got involved with it during December. This year, late as usual with my 'best laid plans,' I am jumping in right where I am and will do better than if I hadn't jumped in at all!!

I thought I would focus on some of the preliminary things I am doing, just in case you want to jump on the band-wagon too. I want to avoid the stress that can come with the season so that I can focus on Jesus, the whole Reason for the Season.

My goal is to have most of my preparations completed by December 1st so that I can enjoy decorating, baking, caroling with church family, church Christmas programs, and my family.

Want to join me??

This shouldn't be too complicated because if you are like me, you are broke and it would be better to stay within the budget. Don't slip out the credit card!!

Today!! Spend 15 minutes doing the following (set the timer!!):
  • Print Flylady's Holiday Control Journal.
  • Find an attractive (or not so attractive 3-ring binder...remember we are being miserly) and hole punch and place the Holiday Control Journal in the binder.
  • Breeze through the journal and get some ideas going for the weeks ahead.
A week ago, I got myself back on schedule in my house cleaning. I find it easiest to clean a little every day than to have to do a Frantic Franny overhaul just before company arrives for Thanksgiving!!

This time of year my cat is shedding and he scatters fur helter-skelter wherever I walk!! Sometimes I can just pick up a clump of fur as I pass by, while other days it is easier to do a quick vacuuming. The other dirt-maker is the wood stove. Wood is brought in each day and then wood is added to the stove as needed. The wood and ash must be swept up or it would be tracked around the house on our socks.

Our house is a home and it is lived in. There is one simple trick that keeps chaos at bay and keeps a mama happy. Picking up belongings and putting them away makes even a somewhat dirty house look clean. Your home may look cluttered all day as your children play but they can be taught (and expected) to pick up their toys BEFORE supper. These are things that can be done which will create time for you to do a little preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas each day.

What are you doing to make Thanksgiving an enjoyable time with loved ones?

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  1. Replies
    1. I enjoy her. It helped me to get a pattern going again since I do almost all the cleaning and cooking again.

  2. You are so cute Judith - you and flylady.. I tried FL a while ago and had my house and schedule in prime shape. Then I got pregnant and never got back on that bandwagon.

    But I love flylady.

    Did you shine your sink today? ;)
    Have a blessed day! Patty

    1. Ha!! Pregnancy does that!!

      My sink gets a lick and a promise.

  3. Hmmm...I have never heard of Fly Lady :) You have a good goal. I, too, would like to get certain things done so I can enjoy the holiday time and not be rushed at the last minute. My husband, son and I are going to Texas for Thanksgiving to spend it with my husband's aunt and uncle. I am looking forward to some time away.


  4. I have stayed up way too late and not done too well with the stresses this time of year can bring. I never was too good at getting ahead, but am trying this in earnest this year. I like Flylady's thoughts on not trying to be a perfectionist. She leaves plenty of room for the tired mom of young children. One page of her free booklet has thoughts on traveling over the holidays.

  5. Hello Judith,

    Thank you for following my blog. I am now following yours as well.

    Nan is such a loving person. I met her when I first began blogging in October 2008; she has always been one of my best blog friends.

    I have had a handful of blogs since then. I stopped and started blogging several times. This time I think I will be staying. :)

    The holidays are never hectic for me. I love every day! We do not make gift giving a huge part of our holiday.

    I hope your plans go smoothly and that you can fully enjoy this holiday season.

    :) Hope

  6. My mother was the organized one and until the last couple years she hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Her notebook was amazing to look at. She'd have every meal, how many, which dishes, which napkins, how many highchairs, etc. It was great because any of us could take over a meal and see what she wanted. When I grow up I want to be that organized. :-)

  7. Your mother sounds AMAZING!! I would love to meet her :-) I loved your comment that any of you 'knew what she wanted.' What honor!!!!

    Oh...I just had to laugh when you said, "When I grow up I want to be that organized!!' I was reading your comment in my email and dashed off to see if you were the 'Pamela' I thought you were because I knew you must my age, lol!! I do know the feeling...I still have some growing up to do. Do we ever arrive??

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate you!!

  8. I have heard of Flylady but haven't heard of her holiday thing. Sounds fun! I'll have to check it out.

    We are all crammed in here. Mom moved in after dad died so we made room for her of course, giving her her own bedroom and downstairs kitchen and making room for her in the downstairs bathroom.

    Then my son moved back from college with more things than when he WENT to college, lol! But he'll be moving out on his own eventually so we are keeping all his boxes of dishes, towels, blankets, and everything else that was in his apartment.

    So things are a little crowded but I do try to make sure that we keep it as neat as we can. We have some extra furniture stuffed here and there that is a "for now." For as long as my mom lives with us, and for as long as our son is here before he moves out.

    It's just much easier to pick up after ourselves every day and keep it need than digging out. Especially since it already feels messy with all the extra furniture and boxes, lol! Thanks so much for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!


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