Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Broken Goals Already and Pressing on Intentionally


Just in case you hadn't noticed, I chose One Word as a goal for 2013. 

Other years I have made a list of resolutions seriously desiring to have a changed and transformed life in the power of Jesus Christ. 

This year, before I started reading post after post about choosing One Word for 365 days, I felt drawn to the word JOY. So, I scraped the list for this year and decided to stick to just this one word and the words like thanksgiving, thanksliving, and grace that are off-shoots of Joy.

Joy is what I want my life to emanate because Jesus is abiding and living through me. This is my challenge for this year. It is a real challenge!! It will take intentionality and commitment to God to work in my inner being to glorify Him through a joyful spirit. I am not there.

Three weeks have WHIZZED by since I sat down on New Year's Day to plan my goals for the year. I made a list, and made another list or two of things I intended on accomplishing for this year.

  • I wrote out my Joy Dare and the changes I wanted to see in my life.
  • Studying the Bible (looking for verses about Joy, and the study of Luke.
  • I listed off plans I had for my blog such as a planning out posts in my 2013 Blog Planner, and linking up my archived posts using Inlinkz.
  • Menu Planning on a weekly basis.
I suppose that goes farther than just One Word as you see other areas that I want to intentionally improve in my life. Life happens. 

I could write the most astoundingly beautiful post about how well I am doing in all these areas. I'm not good at lying. 

My Joy Dare has been challenged. I am always behind in listing and counting the things I am thankful for. When I do, it makes all the difference in my world and lifts me up to a higher plane in Jesus Christ. It isn't always easy to be joyful. Being thankful, which produces joy isn't dependent on circumstances. If we get a flat tire, it lifts our soul up to give thanks.

I am always finding myself behind in where I would like to be in my Bible study though I am faithful to start off each day in God's Word.

I keep intending to plan out even this month (let alone this year) in my printed off Blog Planner (hopefully today is the day??) but haven't found the time. As to my archives, that is still not done. 

Then, I faithfully made out a menu and grocery list for one week, and didn't plan another. I grocery shopped yesterday without a list. NOT my favorite thing to do!!

Here are three things I have learned from my failures:

  1. My Hope is Built on Jesus Christ
As I have seen the past three weeks, everything I have set myself out to do has fallen short of my desired goals. Without relying on Jesus for the results it won't be worth having 'good' results at all!! As the song says, "My Hope is Built on Jesus Christ."
  1. My Joy is found in Jesus Christ
Different circumstances during the past three weeks has left me feeling less than joyful unless I remembered to look up into the face of Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter if I sit down every few days to think deeply about things I am thankful for because it is changing my outlook on my life. I can be riding in the car and see the beauty of the sparkling snow and my heart starts thinking thankful thoughts of joy because God gave me this day. My joy is found in Jesus Christ.
  1. Not reaching my desired accomplishments is not the 'pits'
Intentionally sitting down and choosing some goals is better than not reaching for the stars at all!! Failure to plan is failure because you don't ever get out of the pit. I have accomplished something because I took the effort to make a plan in the first place. If I don't give God the glory, what good is it to be successful in anything in life. I give God the glory in all that I say, write, and do this year. How about you??

I am very sure that most of us have already failed in our New Year's goals. Whether we simplified to just One Word or made a list of goals, each of us has already failed. I am going to the cross with my failures this year and allow Jesus to soak my short-comings in His blood. I am praying that He will transform and change my life into His likeness this year. How about you?

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  1. I can relate to this. My word this year is submit. I'm not doing very well in that. Two out of my three kids (one of them being my 5 month old) got a stomach bug and have been throwing up. It really threw me off my 'game' and I've been trying to do things my way again the last few days. Not relying on God at all. But, today is a new day! Time to start over again :)

  2. I am so glad that we can come to Him when we have failed or when we are faltering. What JOY to be able to come to Him! And to know that He will transform us and make us more like Him! I hope that you are starting to feel better. I prayed for you!

  3. Your JOY will be tested, because that's the only way to gain JOY. He can't give it to you in a little package, He will teach it to you through trials and tribulations. So, considering that, I consider you victorious. The Lord heard the desire of your heart and is forming it within you.

  4. I to have been thrown off a bit by life but the important thing is getting back up and trying again, isn't it? :)

    Gretch :)

    1. Oh yes!! I have been thrown off the past couple weeks, as I came down with a flu like I haven't had for years.

  5. I love this! Thanks for being real-- I agree with you though about having goals being a good thing-- it gets a little closer to where we want to be, even if its not all the way!
    You're doing a great job!

  6. We are flesh... we will fail. PRAISE the LORD HIS mercies are new every morning! My word is JOY, too. And each day I must ask the Lord what He wants me to see & how JOY is supposed to be in my life.
    Some days its a choice, it doesn't come easily. And today is one of those day! Hold your head high and choose to find JOY in the little things~~
    A scripture the Lord led me to this morning...."He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength." Isaiah 40:29
    When I think I can't take another step.... HE will give me power!!


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