Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Dare to Journaling Joy in Twenty-Thirteen!! & WholeHearted Home Wednesdays LINKUP!!

Keeping a record of my Spiritual journal is something I like to do. My journals go back at least twelve years since my youngest started homeschooling. 

Some years I have had a theme, like prayer. This year my theme will be: 

  • Thanksgiving
  • Joy
  • and Grace
Today has been a lazy day before I return to my regular schedule through the days God has given me on this earth. I have been reflecting over the previous years and glancing through my goals which I start each year of journaling.

Journaling is a great way of keeping accountable to your Quiet Time each day and mapping your journey as you live your life this side of Heaven.

I have a strong feeling that I copied this from
Gail over at Bible Love Notes

Leave me a comment if you journal or will take up this challenge this coming year. 

A new year is a new slate. Tabula Rosa. A clean slate. 

If you are like me, and look back over your life seeing failures as a mother or wife...look no longer!! God has given you a new chance to live out the grace He is giving you today. This year. Start over and go forward without looking back like Lot's wife!!

 I'd LOVE you to leave a comment!!

Since I live out 'in-the-sticks'... friends, like you are a long ways away!!
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WholeHearted Home Wednesday 

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I generally slip off the blogisphere when blogging and family get competing too much!! I'm sure you know that family won out?

I'm back with my usual random blogging ideas and not too much ahead on my blogging schedule!! I hope you stop in often to read about what's on my heart. Home responsibilities come first (as they should) or I'd have nothing to write about if I sat at my computer all of the time. 

Time has flown by and it's time to share again!!

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  1. Just found your link up! Thanks for hosting. I journal :). Love the family first reminder! Looking forward to reading more!


  2. Hi Judith, I'm glad you are back and I pray you had a blessed Christmas and that 2013 brings you a renewed awareness of Christ in your life. I used to journal, but now I blog : ) However, I think I should pick up a nice book and begin writing with a pen again. Thank you for hosting and have a blessed day!

  3. Dear Judith, With the new year, my heart turns to new journals and new ways to make my time with the Lord special and "new." I love this post, and I am motivated to apply some of the principles.

    You may have pulled an element or two from one of my devotions, but I think the words you credit to Bible Love Notes are your own!
    : )

    I love your photo...it's always fun to see people in their element, and I can tell your surroundings reflect your heart for your home. Years ago, I owned a few of those red heart plates. I bought them when we lived in Germany.

    I think I would enjoy sitting at your table and talking about the Lord together. I certainly treasure your blogosphere friendship.
    Bless you!

  4. I would love you to drop over!! I wish!!

    I asked my husband to take a picture of me and that was the only place without too much sunlight :-) and 'those plates' are from Germany!! I bought the set for $35. at the annual West Point garage sale going on 30 years ago. Small world!!

  5. I have missed 'seeing' you around, Gisela. I was thinking of you last week and wondering how you were. Sometimes my journal gives me ideas for blogging. I hope your day is blessed too!!

  6. I used to journal. I kept mine on a flash drive - as I find it easier to type than write (probably from years of admin work)...and then I lost my flash drive...and years of journaling...and lost the heart to journal any longer. But lately, it's been on my heart to start again. What a great thing to start in 2013. Right? I just may do that.

    I hope you had a very happy new year!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Pam, it is good to have you. It is too easy to let family slide with blogging and I love it when I see reminders to put my family first.

  8. You are so welcome!! I love your name, Walnut Acre...it sounds so inviting!

  9. I have journalled off and on throughout my life but have only kept the ones since I married and became a Christian (happened within 5 months of each other :) The past couple months, it's become very important to me again. Not only do I have my personal prayer/study notes/personal thoughts journal, but I've also established one for our family prayer time in the evening. I write down everyone's requests as they mention them and then hand it to my husband to pray for us all. It helps him focus on each one without forgetting (we've got 9 children!) and it serves as a record to our family to be able to go back and review answered prayers!

    Thanks for the link up today! I've linked up my 2013 goals, as well as my baby announcement post! You are so encouraging---as always---thank you for your sweet spirit!

    Have a lovely week!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  10. Judith, I love your commitment to journaling. I journaled for years, but set it aside this past year. I've missed putting pen to paper... I may have to give serious consideration to opening my notebook again. One of my greatest joys is reading my journaled prayers on behalf of our (now grown) children, and seeing how faithful God was to meet each need.

    Thank you for hosting the link-up! I so appreciate your blog.
    Blessings to you ~ Mary

  11. Thanks Judith for another year of blogging and parties! I really love the blank pages of a new journal and new calendar. Looking forward to sharing 2013 with my bloggy friends!

  12. What a lovely topic to journal - Joy. My theme word for this year is Worship... a year pondering (and practicing) worship.

  13. Your topic is lovely too!! I can't wait to visit you this soon!!

  14. I am looking forward to blogging in 2013 and the friends too!! What better way is there to have an affect on the world from home now that our children are grown?!

  15. Yes, journaling is so nice, but several have said that blogging is like journaling, so you have just changed the format and you are now sharing your journal.

  16. I liked all these things that you shared. I love the idea of recording the prayer requests from your family. What better way to keep a record which in years to come will show God's faithfulness. I used to have a prayer-binder with the pictures of people we prayed for in it for our children to see.

  17. What a great idea...yes, start a journal again!! I saw a neat (that word is antiquated these days) idea for moms where you do a journal with your child. There are so many different ways to journal.

  18. Your hair is amazing!
    I can't stick to a topic, but you did make me think of possibly taking up writing in a journal again.

  19. You should write in a journal, Nita!! But you have to make a promise that you share your journal with me because I know you would have poems in it :-)

    Yeah...and I had a hair cut right before Christmas!!

  20. Replies
    1. Thanks Renee...and thanks for stopping by...hope you are doing fine??


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