Monday, January 28, 2013

Go Directly TO JAIL; Do NOT pass Go; Just Write that Post!!

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Have you ever sat down to write that post you were dreaming up all morning to go blank? Swoosh and it was gone? Have you ever whirled through your morning routine and finally gave up on housework (as it just got dirty all over again) thinking you would 'reward' yourself with time to write?

That is exactly what I just did!!

I am also wondering if I can write a random post about nothing, turning the mundane into the interesting.

All I wanted to do today was just write. 

I have my priorities straight (though I didn't bake bread) as I have run circles around this house with things that I never thought would take this long. So, you can't say I am having a bit of blogging enjoyment while all chaos breaks out around me. 

So, if you had your: 
  • quiet time this morning, 
  • your home is in order, 
  • children fed, 
  • read to, 
  • homeschooled, 
  • or off-to-school, 
  • or you married them off (Ha, ha!!)
  • then get a cup of coffee (I have to say that) 
  • or drink some tea with me 
  • while we take a break and have a little chat.

Here are some Guidelines for Brainstorming a Blog Post: 

  1. Stop and jot down ideas as they come!!
  2. Or Stop and write the post while ideas are flowing.
  3. Do NOT check Facebook!!
  4. Do NOT stop by Twitter!!
  5. Stop scrolling through Pinterest!!
  6. Do NOT neglect your children for blogging (you'll pay later). Maybe they are napping??
  7. Go Directly to Jail; Do NOT pass Go; Do NOT collect $200.
Here is How to Go to Blogging Jail:
  • Put yourself into seclusion in the middle of your messy life and write the draft for your blog jail. NOT where you are inaccessible.  
  • Stay focused. 
  • No sidetracking.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes and write furiously until those thoughts are on paper screen.
  • No interruptions (unless you have babies, toddlers, tweens, and teens who need a mother)
  • STOP when the timer goes off!!
  • Return to whatever you were doing before 'said' brainstorm.
  • Dangerous if repeated before your home and family is cared for. 
So, I have finished this post in 30 minutes flat (NOT) and wrote about what happens when I forget what my brainstorm was all about!!

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  1. Awesome post!!
    I'm in blog writing jail half the time. =/

    I never write blogs during school hours with the girls BUT, like right now, I do read a few blogs while I'm waiiiiiiitingggggggg for math problems to be completed.

  2. Sure you can, I write about random things all the time, lol! Or rather, I RAMBLE all the time, haha!

    Many times I will get an idea for a blog post, that's all, just an idea. So I will write it down and develop it later.

    Sometimes I will write a paragraph or two and then get stuck or lose interest or just not sure how to develop it. So I will quit and go back to it another time.

    I have several posts in draft, just waiting to be developed and finished! Thanks so much for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  3. I love how you love Jesus.
    Thank you for the reminder to always put HIM first!

  4. You're cute. Love this and love the old Monopoly card/theme.
    : )

  5. This post is glad we're blogging friends. You crack me up!


    1. And you make me smile just reading your comment. I can't be serious all the time. . . we all need to laugh and especially!!


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