Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Unshadowed Joy & WholeHearted Home Wednesdays LINKYUP

Here it is going on mid-night and I need to get to bed so that I can get up early!! I need a post because my other ones are "scheduled".

Here is something very special from Amy Carmichael that I copied into my journal at the start of 2013.

It goes with my word JOY for 2013.

by Amy Carmichael

"There is joy, joy found nowhere else, when we can look up into Christ's face when He says to us:

'Am I not enough for thee, Mine own?'

With a true, 'Yes, Lord, Thou art enough.'

May this year be one of unshadowed JOY. 

There need never be a shadow. 

All shadows are from beneath. From self. From the "I" in us which so often wants us to listen to what it says, instead of to the voice of our Lord. 

Let us refuse this self-voice, always, and live in the unclouded light of selfless JOY and love. This is what I want to do ever more and more.

I have a lovely word for you: 

Luke 4:30 "Jesus passing through the midst of them went His way.' 

We are meant to pass through the midst of whatever comes and not get upset or even inwardly ruffled.

A day or two ago I was thinking rather sadly of the past - so many sins and failures and lapses of every kind. 

I was reading Isaiah 43, and in verse 24, I saw myself: 

'I Thou hast wearied Me with thine iniquities.' 

And then for the first time I noticed that there is no space between v. 24 and v. 25, 

'I, even I, am He that blotteth out thy transgressions for Mine own sake; and I will not remember thy sins.' 

Who but our Father would forgive like that?

~Amy Carmichael~


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WholeHearted Home Wednesdays

Linkup #23

Welcome ladies!!
I was shocked to see how many linkups there were l last week!! I am so thrilled to see many new ladies who joined the fun last week. I enjoyed reading down through all of your posts and seeing what you were doing in your corner of the blogisphere. I was encouraged to see how many of you posted about your goals for 2013. It is so good for the Lord to seek the Lord with all of your heart as you go forward into the New Year. Blessings to all of you!!

Please keep your posts on topics that fall into those below. Posts that are not about the family, home, or your walk with Jesus will have to be removed. 

Time has flown by and it's time to share again!!

I love reading the posts you link, so hurry, hurry, hurry and linkup.

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WholeHeartedly served Christ in your Home!!
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  3. Remember the purpose is for community; and women love conversation!! So, please visit at least one blogger who posted on my Linky Party :-)
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  5. This Linky Party is open until Saturdays at 11:59pm
  6. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as each of your posts are always such a blessing to me and other ladies. Happy linking! 
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  1. Thanks so much for hosting this linky and for visiting Harvest Lane Cottage!

  2. Thank you for hosting. I hope you have a wonderful day. :-)

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to link up! Hope your day is happy and blessed!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  4. Great thoughts, Judith. This portion especially speaks to me:
    "All shadows are from beneath. From self. From the "I" in us which so often wants us to listen to what it says, instead of to the voice of our Lord.Let us refuse this self-voice, always..."
    Amy Carmichael was an incredible example.
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts so late at night : )

    1. Thanks so much Gail. I love Amy Carmichael's writing. I enjoy her style and humility.

  5. Wonderful post, my friend. Thanks for hosting WholeHearted Home - it's always a joy linking up.


  6. Beautiful post. I like the part about how we're supposed to walk through the midst of troubles and we're not supposed to dwell there but keep on walking. At least, that's what I got out of it.

    I love how many links you have. I am hoping someday mine will grow as big as yours!

  7. Dear Judith, thank you for reminding us how to be forgiving quick and move on. Blessing to you my friend. Thank you for hosting again.

  8. I love the reminder of "no space" between the thoughts of "our iniquities" and "his blotting."

    Beautiful. Thank you, sister!

  9. "All shadows are from beneath. From self. From the "I" in us which so often wants us to listen to what it says, instead of to the voice of our Lord."

    Thank you for posting this. I am dreadfully guilty of listening to my "I" instead of taking it to the Lord in prayer instead.

    (friend of Mindy)

  10. Christ is all we need! What better reason to be joyful? Thanks for the great post & features & for hosting, & God bless1

  11. Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments. I always enjoy your post, truly our Joy is only in the lord.

  12. Judith, my friend, with my whole household coming down sick last week I have just got to this now! I am featured! Thank you so much for hosting and for finding 31 cups worthy to be listed as one of the Wholehearted Faves!

    Gretch :)

    1. No worries!! I have also been so busy for three days last weekend. I am just getting around to reading my blog posts from the last week. I also was under-the-weather which is so rare for me. Life happens and those around us are so so important. I was so happy to feature you.

  13. Thank you to all of you lovely friends who commented. I love getting comments in the middle of my day!! What a blessing you all are. I enjoy stopping by your blogs also and find such encouragement.


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