Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WholeHearted Faves Bonanza!!

You are JUST NOT going to believe it!!

"Be His Valentine" Lilla Rose Giveaway until Friday midnight!!

I am sharing ALL the posts from last week's
WholeHearted Home Wednesday
with the most clicks!!

The problem??
One had 7 clicks and the others had 5 clicks!!
Then I am sharing an absolutely brand new blogger!!

I hope that makes up for not sharing any faves 
last week and being so late this morning??

Here is my excuse:
I caught the virus from a fellow blogger
(her name will remain anonymous 
to protect the popularity of her wonderful blog)
If it wasn't for a bunch of scheduled posts, 
you would have found me quiet at WholeHearted Home.
I just don't get sick and I was actually in bed for two days last week.
This thing has hung on for 2 1/2
be careful not to leave your flu viruses in the comments, or on Twitter, or Facebook, or email.

I hope you bless some of these ladies by visiting.

My "Be His Valentine" Lilla Rose Giveaway is still going on until Friday at midnight.

1.  Gretchen over at 31 Cups shared:

You know, we've all done that, so stop over 
and bless her by reading her post and leaving a sweet comment!!
Meghan over at First Comes Love shares:

2.  Meghan over at First Comes Love shared:
I loved this post!! You have to get creative when you have three or more children in a bedroom!!

3.  Virginia over at Come, Weary Moms shared:
Where she invites you into her living room and
shares tips on decorating and keeping up after a large family.

4.  Jess over at Our Homestead For Him shared:

5.  Sue over at The T2 Women shared:

6. Britney over at For He is Our God shared:

Britney is a BRAND NEW blogger on the Block!!
Please remember when you started and had just ONE follower
and stop by and encourage her by reading her sweet post, commenting (we all so love those comments), and following her.
Her blog looks so promising!!

I'd LOVE you to leave a comment!!

Since I live out 'in-the-sticks'... friends, like you are a long ways away!!
Sooo, I'd love you to follow me on: 

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  1. I just used hand sanitizer, so I shouldn't leave any germs here. People are coughing and hacking in my house, it's an icky season, isn't it? No good night kisses around here for awhile! Hope you feel better and stay well.

    1. LOL...just blame it on our other blogger friend in Seattle!! I did my best not to spread the virus to Harvey, ND!! ;-)

    2. Hmmmmm, some people need to be MORE careful before spreading their bloggy germs all over the internet. Just sayin'....... ;)

      I finally remembered to link up again! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Ooh! I'm excited to check out the #2 blogger and how to fit many children in very tiny spaces!! Thanks for posting it.

    I hope you're 2 1/2 weeks of illness built up your immune system for the rest of the sick season. It's terrrrrrrrrrrrrrible being sick. Glad you're feeling better.

    1. We made similar bunks in our children's rooms. There are amazing ways to save on space and yet have three children in one room.

  3. I read most of these last week... :) Thank you once again for the honor of being a 'Favorite'! Whoo-hoo!


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