Thursday, March 8, 2012

All Day in the Kitchen

Have you ever found yourself to be a master procrastinator?? 
It is too easy to never find time for the things that we should do. 
Too easy to never get a round-to-it!! 
I've been there, and I know, you have too...I just know it!! 

Yesterday was a gorgeously sunny day, 
the kind of late-winter day that just wants to say, 
"Hello Spring!!" 
No doldrums yesterday. 
No January blues. 
Spring is around the corner, 
I just know it!! 

Flylady says that Wednesday is 'Anti-Procrastination Day'
It was high time that I got around to making a meal for a friend who had her ninth baby!!

Italian Baked Pasta

Many times we get too caught up with our lives 
with our children, 
it is you do with your life. 
It is too easy to allow opportunities to serve 
slip by.

When my children were all little, they would help me. 
Maybe we wouldn't accomplish as much in a day...
but they learned to 'do' for others.

Instead of 'ME' 

Put Jesus FIRST
OTHERS second

Don't forget to serve others!!

So, as I got the ground beef simmering on the stove 
and the water heating up for the pasta...
I ground my Prairie Gold grain in my Whisper Mill

Then I let it sponge with the warm water, honey, and yeast

After adding the other ingredients, 
it is ready to come out of the bowl 


I found these unique pans in my pantry. 
They make the cutest little loaves 
that invite someone 
to steal some warm bread, 
fresh out of the oven!!

I was in the mood to bake!!
So....I also made a cake....but it is called a pie!!
I made two since I knew, just knew my kids would snitch!!

One for the family with the nine children and the newborn.
And one for my hubby and children.

Like I said, 
It is a cake,
but is called a 

Mine turned out pretty...but nothing beats 'pretty'
Like Betty Crocker!!

After all that baking....
Needed something to eat for supper!!

I made Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today is the day 
(don't procrastinate!!) 
that you and I need to be doing good unto others. 
Not tomorrow, so to speak. 
There is a verse that talks about 'reaping what you sew.' 
You know, someday you might be in need and God will abundantly care for you, 
you have cared for others today while you are young. 
My theory is that I need to do today and learn how to become that sort of woman. These things haven't come naturally for me. 
I didn't even know how to cook when I got married!! 
I hope both my husband and I live until we are 90...but there are no guarantees. 
here is a verse which talks about the things a woman 
to have done in order to qualify for help as a widow. 
These are things a woman is to do over the course of her life, 
while she is married and younger. 
You form your character 
over the course of time 
through the empowering of the holy Spirit...
don't cram for the test!!

"Well reported of for good works; 
if she have brought up children, 
if she have lodged strangers, 
if she have washed the saints feet, 
if she have relieved the afflicted, 
if she have diligently followed every good work." 
~1 Timothy 5:10~

Is there someone in need?? 
Do you have a need??
Are you downhearted??

If you are any one of the above,
Then think of something you can do for others!!

Do for someone in need and God will supply all YOUR need!!
Even if you are in need, do for someone in need!!
You won't be downhearted anymore because 
doing for others 
is the best way to cheer up!!

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in Christ Jesus."
~Philippians 4:19~


My recipes are put together at 
Plan to Eat
This is simplifying my life and bringing order to my
 chaotic pile of recipes that have accumulated 
here and there!!

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  1. I ventured over from "Hearts 4 Home Thursdays."
    Your bread looks DELISH!
    TODAY I started a sourdough starter and I am trying to transition to using it for most (if not all) of our bread products. I don't have too many bakers for friends, so I am continually inspired by ones I "meet" online. Keep up the good work!
    <3 <3 <3

    1. I'd love to try sour-dough bread!! Sour dough bread on 'The Warf' in San Francisco was sooo delicious back when I was in college!! I have made bread for years and years and love it!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, but my friend has eight children home under 15 and her big helper is gone in college. I don't do that everyday :-)


If you have gone a little way ahead, O friend, call back --
Twill cheer my heart and help my feet along the stony track.


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