Thursday, March 22, 2012

Contentment in the Laundry Room

"Godliness with contentment..."

Pinterest can sure be addicting and there is nothing wrong with it....
You become discontent 
the things you see in the images on your screen.

I can sure come up with some wonderful ideas 
for my laundry room.

Do I have the money and time to carry them out??
Better think twice!!

Some nice linoleum tile on the floor, sheet rock and sponge paint to the walls would be nice with a border to depict laundry. Shelves, cabinets, and wicker baskets, would all add to a beautiful and pleasant look to this room tucked away in my basement. 

Do I have the money and time to carry this out??

Although Pinterest is fun
and nothing is wrong with it...
Be careful
to redeem your time because the days are evil.

to stay content with what God has given you

to stay under the guidance and submit to your husband in all things!!

Keeping your laundry area neat and clean
goes a long way to keeping you content.

It is a pleasure to see my laundry all neatly folded
and the ironing done!!

Keeping my hands busy keeps me from being idle.

I want to add a world map so I can pray for missionaries as I fold. I miss the one on the wall in our old house in the laundry/schoolroom. I want to add Bible verses to the wall to meditate on while I fold...but it is hard to find ways to put things onto a cement wall. 

BE CONTENT...I tell myself!! All things in good time as time and money allows. 


I will collect ideas to make this out-of-the-way spot of retreat a haven of rest


Fix it up to function well and be content


God meant there to be godliness in my contentment!!

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  1. Speaking of contentment, all I could think about when I saw this picture was, "Wow! Her laundry room is huge!" I was a little envious. My laundry room is decorated and is so cute, but is only the width of my washer and dryer. Thanks for the reminder to be content...:)

    1. The camera somehow makes it look even bigger. The room was meant to be divided into a bathroom which would make it very small. There are square wholes (for shower, toilet, and sink) with pvc pipes sticking out that I fall into at night (or broad daylight when I am being blond) that is why the ironing board sets over it (unless it shifts and it falls over...I broke an iron that way)!! Where my need for contentment not to be anxious for my husband to put up sheet rock so I can paint and bring color to the room. There are so many wonderful organizational ideas available on the internet and I thought it good for ladies (and myself) be reminded to do with what we have. I love cute laundry rooms...and I'd love to see yours!!

  2. Very true about the power of the internet and sites- you could "waste" a lot of time if you're not careful. I need this reminder myself- I could rest and read blogs all day! I need to make sure I'm blogging to be uplifting and glorify God, not neglect my duties and responsibilities.

  3. Somehow I feel there IS something wrong with Pinterest. Not something intrinsically sinful, but something so permeated with idleness and vanity that it is hard to find a good purpose in it. Redeeming the time is hard enough without it!


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