Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meatloaf for Supper!!

This recipe and picture is from my dear cyber-friend Jillian over at "A Joyous Home"

How often do you read about this or that on a blog or internet but never 'do' it?? 

 When my children were little, they used to watch an educational program for toddlers. They were supposed to 'interact' with the program and toss the ball or touch their toes; but they would just sit like zombies. How often do you also NOT do what you see suggested on a blog, but you have good intentions?? If you are like me, LOTSA times!! 

When I was a little girl, like many of you ladies, I did NOT like meatloaf!! For some reason, my wonderful husband does!! I used to make a delicious meatloaf using Cheese-Whiz with the meatloaf wrapped in frozen bread dough. I used to, because it doesn't work so easily with home-made bread. Well, here is a recipe that I read about and DID!! 

Jillian over at "A Joyous Home" tried this recipe. I hope you hop on over to her blog as she has so much wisdom to share. I enjoyed what she shared about her meatloaf. It happened to have been tasty and won my husband's heart that night!! :-)

I neglected (neglected but did not forget...just didn't get around-to-it) to thaw my meat soon enough and  this recipe was supposed to be cooked in a crock pot. So instead,  I picked up more ground meat at the store (I really, really wanted to make this for my husband)!! Then, I put it in a cast-iron pot and baked it in the oven for an hour-and-a-half. My sweet husband's happy comment was..."Do I smell meatloaf??"...I love surprises, so I would rather not have owned up!!

Later, while we were eating, he said, "this is melt-in-your-mouth-meatloaf!!" He had no idea that was the name for the dish. To say the least, he loved it and those of us who are not big meatloaf fans enjoyed it too!!

I put this week's menu together using:


  1. I told my husband what your husband said, and his replied by saying he'd like me to make this dish again next week! lol I'm sure it tasted delicious baked in a cast-iron skillet! Mmm mm! I so enjoy cooking with cast-iron. :) Joyful Blessings to you this weekend!

    1. I'm sure my husband would LOVE me to make meatloaf again. I think I will on a day I will be out next week...and remember to put it in the crock pot!!


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