Monday, March 12, 2012

The Sky is Falling

"Whatsoever your hand findeth to do, do it with all of your might!" 
Ecclesiastes 9:10

What do you do when life comes crashing onto your head??

Are you like Henny Penny who kept crying,
"The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!"
Are you calling out in alarm, when nothing is happening??
When a carefully tended task is totally undone by your toddler 
or some catastrophic event, 
WHAT is your response??

That picture shows my flimsy clothes rack where I hang clothes that have been ironed. Yes, I iron. I had carefully ironed the clothes and hung them there when the rack twisted and crashed onto my head and all over the floor!! All that hard work!! All I needed to do was to pick them up...but there are some things that leave bigger messes.  A glass breaking all over the 'just washed' dishes and splintering all over the floor...with  toddlers and little children around are much more daunting!! Muddy footprints tracking through the kitchen, cluttered toys and belongings needing to be picked up can bring a feeling of chaos to many moms.
 What is YOUR response??

What kicks your bucket?? 

What shows you, YOUR spiritual condition of YOUR heart?? What are you going to do about it??

Tonight I made this delicious casserole for supper. I should have known after all the years I have cooked...but sometimes I am just blond!! The recipe called for uncooked elbow noodles to be mixed with the cheese, egg, and milk, and the rest of the ingredients. I just SHOULD have cooked the noodles first!! But I didn't!! It looked beautiful when I took it out of the oven...
but the elbow noodles were as bony as my elbows!! Crunchy too!!

"Plan B"....What am I going to do about it?? I was tired. Six loads of laundry later. Loads of trips up and down the stairs. Loads of other things accomplished. Now this!! What response was I going to have?? I could have yelled at someone. Surely it was someone else's fault!! My righteousness is NOT found in me!! There was a time when these things  would have gotten me upset. God is so good. He is working on me!! My daughter came to the rescue and she made some biscuits to go with the failed casserole and salad. We found some fish in the freezer 
(the boxed kind....<GASP!!>)

We ate the casserole and my dear husband and son liked the crunch of the elbow noodles (how hysterical) and we had a wonderful 'Plan B" meal. 

Is that making your home sing Monday, or what?!

Incidentally, I planned my menu today too...and put some of the recipes that I had found last week into my menu. It took me no time at all on a busy day!! 

Here is the casserole with corrections that include PREcooked elbow noodles for next time:

Plan to Eat

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