Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Belgium Waffles

I have always been one of those moms who cooked breakfast almost every morning while my children were growing up. When our children were little, we were always on a tight budget (did that end?!) and buying store-bought cereal was out of the question!! Way back 'when' you couldn't buy the huge bags of off-brand cheerios like you can today. AND...if you could have...I wouldn't have!!

I slip on the nutritious side of things now and then. So, we might have waffles or pancakes a little more often than just on the weekend. 

BUT (don't ever start a sentence with BUT...let alone a paragraph!!)...BUT, a few years back, we ate some variation of eggs EVERYDAY there were eggs from our chickens and oatmeal when there was not!! On the weekends we had wonderful things like pancakes, dutch pancakes, mountain pancakes, waffles, omelets, 'you-name-it,' or any other 'deliciousness' available in the kitchen. The result?? My children would rather not have oatmeal, and would really not like to have an egg. 

The key to making waffles is the waffle iron. I recently realized found a waffle iron that works better than my more expensive one!! We had a good waffle iron that worked slow...but we didn't know the difference until I found this much older one!! It was older and cooked the waffles quickly and to perfection!! Now we have waffles any time the notion hits us!! 

Variations to making waffles is to substitute for the white flour suggested in most recipes: ground rice, millet, or oats. Just don't EVER grind those three items in your wheat grinder because it just does NOT work!! I grind these in my Bocsh blender instead. I use some Prairie Gold flour (because it is a lighter whole grain) but I often use some white flour to make a lighter waffle. I have been known to use only white flour. Shhhh!! Don't tell anyone. 

If you have children who have food allergies and react to white flour or who are extremely active...just remember that white flour turns to sugar in their bloodstream and you will have a child bouncing off the walls as soon as they *see* the waffle!!!!!! Using ground rice or oats, is non-glutenous and solves the problem quite nicely.

That being said...here is the recipe!!

I put this recipe together using:



  1. Bet you didn't use Bisquick ~ even on the white flour days! :-) Thanks for a good chuckle. I enjoyed this.

    1. No, I make my own Bisquick :-) but a box stealthily made its way onto my shelf after a special church dinner...and I succumbed to temptation until the box was used up!! Glad you enjoyed it!!


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