Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clean Sweep the Living Room!!

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I get overwhelmed at the drop of a that!! Not that I wear a hat too often, although as a mom, I wear a thousand different hats!! Because of my propensity to get overwhelmed, I keep up on the house cleaning fairly well or I'd have much deeper cleaning to do. It is easier to clean and tidy often, than to have to come in with a backhoe and shovel out the trash!! In case you think that couldn't happen, we once helped a family move who literally had garbage waist deep throughout their home!! Experiences like these teach me invaluable lessons of stewardship of my time, energy, and resourcefulness in keeping my home.

Recently, I had moved the furniture and vacuumed more than just 'the middles' . . . my son actually vacuums every few days. My son learned from his older brother the 'science' of speed vacuuming...which gives reason why once in a while it is time for a 'clean sweep!!'  I remember when we got a new vacuum with a light and I came downstairs to find my son vacuuming in the dark :-) !!

I needed something to do today (what else do when there are no 'Bon Bons?!') and I decided to clean the parts of the room that were neglected!! So, first...I got ready!!

Dressed to my socks (don't tell Flylady) with my hair braided so it won't be in the way, bathrooms cleaned (5 minute rescue), laundry swishing away downstairs, and time with the Lord not neglected. Ready?? I need to find some help!! Remember, I get easily overwhelmed with the easiest task. My children don't realize that's why they always had chores!!

Hmmmm....One daughter is sewing, another daughter is studying for a CLEP test, Then, maybe my son...he vacuumed for me so I can't ask him.  I know....

The Cat!! 
We always forget to call him Sushi!! 
He is just 'The Cat!!'
But he slinked off as soon as he saw me starting to work!!

Lazy Cat!!

One thing I learned when my children were younger,
Was to...
(delegate, delegate, delegate) 
and teach the children to pick up their toys 
(now it is paper and computer trails...ha!!)
The house maybe dusty
 (but who sees dust?!) 
but if before supper the toys are picked up 
all is well!!

This doesn't look so bad...but the picture doesn't show the computer desk!!

Its been worse!!!

My STUFF is piled high under the table...everyday it comes out and is spread ALL over the  kitchen table until it is time to eat supper!! STUFF is spread ALL over the top of the coffee table...and then...I don't NEED to clean it up so we can eat!!

All cleaned up for the picture!!

My stuff is ALL spread over the kitchen table where you can't see it!!

I caught some of the dust bunnies on the ceiling 
but not all this time as my ceiling is 18 feet tall!!

I cleaned the 4 X 6 foot ledge with the wooden rocking horse and doll 
(forgot to take a picture) 
I had to climb a ladder to do this!!

I moved the desk out from the wall and vacuumed all the crumbs of food 
(from the past 3 years to be sure!!) 

You wouldn't believe how tidy this looks because the 'before' picture was on one of the 'good days!!'

I want a home that invites my family and friends to put their feet up.
In all honesty, I do like to clean even though I can become overwhelmed with too much to do all over the house at one time. I have to remember Who I am doing these for!! Yes, I am doing keeping house for my family, but  'Unto the Lord.'  I want my home to be a 'Haven of Rest' for them as comfy as a Bed and Breakfast can be.  My husband and I have stayed in a cozy bed and breakfast. It is inviting, neat,  clean, yet lived in with some books to read on the coffee table. My home is a reflection of my heart. This is something I realized when I was in college and kept a messy room much of the time. I want my heart to reflect the Lord Jesus Christ. 



  1. Very nice. I almost feel like I have been there. But the desk . . . it hardly even occurs to me that a desk ought to be cleaned! I've never been allowed to clean Lee's, and I guess that proscription has carried over to my own now that I have one. :-)

    1. Usually,you can't see the keyboard as it is covered with LOTS of papers, college textbooks, and miscellaneous odds and ends from hair pins to gum wrappers. It got cleaned because the 'one' who worked at the desk by day, happily bought herself a laptop...thus the clean desk!! I am already complaining that the desk is too clean, though I don't ever sit there. It was actually a continual request of my husband who uses the desk by night.

  2. Lovely Blog you have :)I am enjoying reading it
    Blessings, Renee

  3. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog :-) Blogging is something the Lord has for me to do at this point in my life. He gets the glory!!I took a peek at your blog and it looks very nice...and I hope to stop by late tonight for a visit with you.

  4. :) Hi Mrs Judith :) Well Saturdays past,and evening has falling.. oh my goodness thank goodness,it was so muggy here today.
    How was your Saturday?
    DH worked on the chicken tractor :) now to get chickens this coming weekend :)

  5. Ah yes, Saturday has passed (almost) and what a beautiful day!! It wasn't so muggy here but we live 1300 feet up on top of a hill. You have chickens, almost?! How nice!! We had them for about 20 years at our old house. A chicken wagon is such a good idea. We also used to have about 60 rabbits.

  6. I am in the same boat with feeling so easily overwhelmed at the slightest mess. I don't know when or how I got this way but to touch an icky mess grosses me out! Thanks for the encouragement that I'm not alone!


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