Wednesday, April 18, 2012

He Lead You Through the Darkness

Poetry can speak to the depth of our heart when written by someone who personally knows the Jesus as their Savior.  Jenny Daniel is a dear lady who has written many poems that have blessed me on just the day I needed it. I hope and pray that this poems and others which I have shared, will also bless you in whatever need you have today.

By Jennifer Rene Daniel

When the night is endless
and light is never more
He'll lead you through the darkness
and to the morrow's door

He'll whisper words of comfort
and stirring words of hope
And so on firmer, surer feet
on Him, you'll lean and cope

I'll never, never leave you
I'm just a call away
To Me this dark and fearful night
is bright and light as day

This weary road before you
I trampled years ago
The tempter also beckoned Me
but I did answer - No

And now in Heavens glory
My race is finished - won
And you - My child - For Me must here
This life's great challenge run

I wait with caring interest
I watch you from above
Each triumph a Hallelujah
To crown your Saviour's love

And when the storms rage strongest
I'll know to say - Enough!
Look up - take care - go on - go on
Your race - your race - is almost won!

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