Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Beauty!!

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year with all the buds turning into colorful flowers. As you can see, our wooded acres are still drab with the earth-tones of winter. Soon the woods will come alive with various hues of green, contrasting with the browns of the tree trunks and with ferns covering the ground. 

What could be better than watching the Lilacs bud and bloom!! We don't have to worry as God in His infinite mercy cares so much for the flowers that we know He must care even more for us!! These aren't exactly lilies but they remind me of this verse in: 

Matthew 6:28: 
"And why take ye thought for raiment?
Consider the lilies of the field, 
how they grow;
they toil not,
neither do they spin:"

Watching the flowers grow in the spring is a good reminder not to worry because God cares for us!!

I have been cleaning out the leaves from around my flower beds...a little every day is better than not getting around to it at all!!

Watching my Bleeding Heart is the most amazing thing!! Do you know, last week it was quite small and now look at it!!

New life in this Hosta plant:

There were so many leaves around the plants curbing their growth!!
They were packed down, pressed together like blessings...but they are leaves!!
A rake was too harsh on the little plants and so was a small three-pronged rake. 
There is nothing like fingers to gently remove the leaves...

I almost touched something...
I screamed in surprise!!
(Not that I was scared of a silly frog!!)

Dreaming about all the perennials that I could plant here!!

The spring warmth on my feet is thrilling!!
Unless a snake slithers out from under the leaves and bites my toes!!

Well, that was last week, before it rained and brought snow in the mountains a little 
west of us!! Keeping busy inside is slightly warmer unless someone forgets to 
light the wood stove....and who in their right mind wants to do that?! 
After all...it's spring!!


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  1. This is a beautiful post. I have been cleaning out our beds as well. I would love to have that fat toad in my garden.

  2. Beautiful photos, Judith Anne. My boys would love to have that toad as a pet. :)
    Many blessings!

    1. My boys enjoyed frogs, snakes, and turtles when they were younger :-)

  3. HA! I have to say that I would have been quite freaked out to be surprised by that big frog in my garden! I was contemplating on the subject of worry the other day too---God is so good to comfort our anxieties!

    This is the first time I've visited your blog! Hope you have a lovely week!


    1. Yes, a frog was more a surprise than seeing a bear!!

    2. Oh...and thanks for dropping by, Mrs. Sarah :-)

  4. So beautiful! I love the joy in your writing :)

  5. That is a timely compliment :-) as I just botched a birthday cake. Your smile is so radiant...that we should reflect Jesus in everything is the most important thing in life.


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