Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday Routine

Monday is a busy day where I get our home back in shape for the week. For those of you with small children, you can do most of these things with the help of your children depending on their ability. My children were so helpful!! I think a two or three year old can be more willing than a ten year old child who has 'grown weary in well doing." There are different stages of helpfulness in children depending on where their hearts are at. So enjoy your Mondays with the help of your children. One day when they are past the 'weary' stage you will find the blessing of seeing your home sing as your children help you clean your home in no time at all!!

Yesterday was no different than most Mondays as I buzzed around the house cleaning and doing laundry and ironing. Just a little less laundry as my oldest daughter is away helping a friend who just had a baby. My son vacuums upstairs and I vacuumed downstairs. We heat with a wood stove and since winter returned, there are chips of wood and ash that will get tracked upstairs if not swept up. I try to dust on Mondays but hadn't had the time in about three weeks. I clean the bathrooms more thoroughly on Mondays and scrub the tub some. It is easier to clean a somewhat dirty house than one that has been allowed to build up crud!!

My washing machine was straining and complaining over the mounds of laundry that has been done over the years. It bounces and jumps all over creation while in the spin cycle if it is overloaded!! Most of the things that I know, I have either gleaned from someone else who has learned it, or learned it myself through trial and error. Usually by error!! Now, after all these years of doing umpteen-million loads a day, a light bulb has gone on in my head. On Mondays, I have found it is easier to put the Sunday clothes (which will need ironing) into a load or two of their own (depending on color) because they will need minimal ironing when they come out of the dryer. Amazing!! 

Today, I got done with my Monday Routine early enough to spend some time working on homeschool year-end paperwork . The advantage of having a routine and getting started early and sticking to it (without side-tracking, reading & writing emails, reading blogs or writing them...that is before being done with housework) is that there is time left for those projects which are calling my name. My son's portfolio is an example of this. A 'have to' homeschool law in my state. 

I need to periodically deep clean my bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, and declutter the junk that accumulates. Just like sin, I cannot clean my bathroom one day or do the laundry and think it will stay clean forever. I wish!! More dirt appears just like laundry showing up once the baskets are empty!! 

I need to daily renew my spirit, allowing the Lord to live through me. I cannot keep my house clean in my own strength as I often start feeling overwhelmed like Martha. I am so much a Martha!! I cannot do all the things I have written about without Christ.  I need to spend time in the Word allowing the Lord to cleanse me daily with His blood so that Jesus is abiding in me. 

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Thankful Homemaker

Thankful Homemaker


  1. Ah, now I get to see your house. It looks cozy.

  2. What a pretty living/family room you have! Love all that space. Amen to your post, my day goes much better when I am in the Word! That's because I draw on his strength instead of my own.

    So true about having helpers that know what they're doing. My kids are both in college and have homework and jobs, but I don't need to train them in what to do anymore. And it is so nice to have the help when they are home and able to help. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  3. Very warming Home Mrs. Judith :)

    1. Thanks...and very lived in most of the time :-)


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