Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Strength & Grace: WholeHearted Home Wednesdays #15

Special Strength and Grace

I think a newborn baby
Is the sweetest gift of all
To have a tiny human life
So fragile and so small

And yet it is an awesome task
To mould this human clay
Each word I speak-each deed I do
Will form from day to day

And thus a mother needs the Lord
For special strength and grace
So that her tiny child may see
The Saviour 'through her face'

~Jeniffer Rene Daniel~

Motherhood is the hardest task I have ever undertaken. It is a gift to my husband and children. Thankfully I had no idea how difficult it would be when my first child was born. I had no idea what joys and sorrows were up ahead. 

Are you tired and overwhelmed? God will give you special strength and grace for each moment of each day. From the first day of being a mother and even into their adulthood, He will help you speak and do from day to day those things that are pleasing to Him. Just ask!!

My prayer is that I will reflect Jesus to each of my children through my actions and words. I like how this poem says that my children will see 'The Saviour through her face.' This is my prayer.

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  1. So true...motherhood was also my hardest ministry. And, as usual, your post is encouraging. Bless you,Judith.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me this week! I am enjoying all the great posts i find each week at your hop! ~~katie/brighton park

    1. I am so sorry that I didn't email you to let you know...I had partially set up the post (thankfully) earlier in the week and so by the time our electric (and internet) was back 'on'...I set up the rest of the post and crashed into bed :-)

  3. Judith~I enjoy reading your blog and finding some other great blogs as well through your link up! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you so much!! I have thoroughly enjoyed my Wednesday linkup too...I'll do anything to keep it going even working around Hurricanes and power outages, lol!!

  4. Thank you for the link-up :) It is a joy visiting your blog - you are a blessing and encouragement!


    1. Thanks so much Stephanie...and hopefully I'll keep thinking of things to blog about ;-) It seems that just about the time I think I don't know what to share, God lays something on my heart. Have a wonderful week!!

  5. What a fitting poem for our family this week! With a brand new nephew born on Monday and our baby due this coming Monday, babies are on our mind. :) What a great reminder of a mother's greatest ministry--to let her children see Jesus in her life. Thank you for sharing! :)

  6. Judith...thank you for featuring me this week. What a sweet blessing. And thank you for the the link up. Have a sweet weekend in the Lord dear friend.

  7. Motherhood truly is the hardest ministry, no one else spends the amount of time with you as your children! They see the good, the bad and the ugly! Thank you for sharing, linking up at Simply Helping Him and hosting! :) Blessings!


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