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The term 'followers' always makes me think of Jesus, so it strikes me kind of strange that with blogs we have 'followers.' I sort of wish I could come up with another word to describe those who join my site. I have come a long way (I suppose) but why on earth would I want anyone following me?!

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My dad always used to tell me, "Keep your eyes on Jesus" whenever I would become overwhelmed with an upcoming test in school. There was good reason he would do that since school was always a struggle with me especially when it came to testing. I am thankful for having the need to rely on Jesus at an early age because of my propensity to lack in academics. It was easier for me to see my need for Christ.

Keep your eyes on Jesus through whatever situations you find yourself. I have found it important to keep my eyes on Jesus, first, when everything is going right. Laying the foundation of a close relationship with the Lord, laying scriptures to your heart in the good times, prepares you for times of distress and struggle. Panic-sticken prayers are better than no prayer at all but it is easier to have calm in the storm when you were walking with Jesus in the first place. Be His follower.

I'd rather have only ONE 'follower' than 1000 and have the one(s) that God wants me to have. It is easy to get caught up in the encouragement that adding followers brings. It is too easy for that encouragement to turn into pride. It is easy to click 'follow' on someone's blog and never have time to read their posts. It is more important to serve your husband and children than read a plethora of posts while laundry and dishes pile!! Have you checked your laundry?? ;-)

Now, don't take this too far because I enjoy blessing others very much and enjoy the blessing my bloggie friends are bringing me. I just want to keep it all in perspective as I am sure you do too. As I was cleaning (my kitchen floor most likely) this morning I just chuckled (again) at the thought of having 'followers.'

My desire is to be an 'Intentional Blogger' and to use this site to point others to follow Christ, and to keep their eyes on Jesus. If I glorify the Lord in all that I do and say on this blog, having followers that are intensely following Jesus, sharing conversations through posts and comments will be a wonderful blessing. So, be followers first of Jesus Christ and do all to His glory, keeping your home, husband, and children cared for above any activity you have through your blogisphere. 

Thanks to all who have joined the community between blogs I follow and  those who followed mine. I always enjoy reading your posts as time permits.

Blogging has been such a blessing in my life. It has been a desire of my heart for many years to be a Titus Two woman. When twenty years ago, I literally could not find one, I decided to become one myself. Ah...but I soon realized that I would still be learning these things when I am ninety!! So, learn along with me as I travel along life's journey.

In Christ Alone,

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  1. You are a great blessing, Judith, and your writing points to Him, helping all of us to get back on track & to keep our eyes fixed on Him!
    God bless,

  2. It's such a privilege to be a follower of Christ. Other followers, like you, help keep our journey authentic and intentional. Blessings.

  3. Such a good post. It is easy to loose sight of what really matters. Thank you for the reminder and for linking up to Simply Better's Tuesday Tips!

  4. I couldn't believe my eyes when I began reading this post! It's as though you have read my mind. I have been repeating to my husband and close friends for several days now that calling people "followers" is very strange to me, as though I am so sort of cult leader. I'd prefer another word, too. I so appreciate this post and your heart to be a Titus 2 women, pointing younger women like myself toward what really matters. Thank you!

    1. If I could change the name follower, I would!!

      Thank you for stopping over...I thought your blog was so sweet. I would have loved to have blogs with all these sweet women when I was your age with my first son :-)

  5. Do you know, I smiled when I read your post (found you through Time-Warp Wife link) because I have thought the exact same thing regarding the word "follower". :) It has always struck me as just a bit off and not quite right somehow! I wish it were a different word as well.:)

    1. Thanks Colleen for dropping in...I would change the name but no one would notice because I am virtually an unknown, lol. At least we can keep in perspective by keeping Jesus first in our lives.

      Thanks ladies, I have enjoyed reading your comments :-)

  6. Wonderful advice and in Jesus' name thank you and may he bless you. Praise the Lord in Jesus' name.


If you have gone a little way ahead, O friend, call back --
Twill cheer my heart and help my feet along the stony track.


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