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Best Blogging Basics

Last week I shared what I have learned from three blogisphere-friends who have been gracious enough to pass on tips of things they have learned through blogging. This week, I am sharing another friend, Jacinda Vandenberg from the Growing Home, who has a tremendous amount to offer. If you are building your blog and are rather 'New-on-the-Block,' stick around while you sip a tall glass of sweet tea!!

I have certainly sipped a few too many glasses and eaten a couple too many cookies while putting together this post tonight!! 

Enjoy your visit, link up on my first Linky, Wholehearted Home Wednesdays, and hop around the Haven of Rest a bit and enjoy the fellowship!!

Jacinda Vandenburg over at the Growing Home has written two wonderful e-books on blogging. I am thankful for the time and effort that she put into this project, especially because she has balanced it with young children and her husband. She is a dedicated blogger who will not sacrifice her family time for the sake of building a blog, something I value.

These e-books are only $4.99 each!! I bought them both and have started to gradually improve several things on my blog. You can too!! I so appreciate this sweet young lady who is much more techy-savy than I am for sharing all she has learned for such a great price!! There is LOTS of information 'out there' with tutorials and posts written to give help for blogging but NONE are so simply explained that even the technically challenged <grin> can master blogging!! You see, I have sooo much to learn because even the digital camera is a challenge (don't laugh!! ;-) and so using photobucket or picmonkey is a learning curve. 

I want to make my blog the best I can for only one reason: to glorify and magnify the Lord Jesus Christ. Making my blog as attractive as possible for reading ease is important. I have wanted my home to be a 'Haven of Rest' for many years, even through years when it didn't seem to reflect a restful haven at all ;-) and more so, I desire my blog to reflect that desire. One way I can do that is to make it appealing to the visual, to your eyes, giving a restful 'feel'. 

Learning all that I can about blogging is important to glorifying the Lord through my blog. Since I don't have the finances for blogging right now (like who does ;-) I have been looking around for those who share their knowledge with little or no investment at all. That is why Jacinda's e-books grabbed my attention. I could do $4.99 twice for two books!! That's only $10!! 

I must tell you, that it still takes work and dedication. At least for the technically challenged like me ;-) !!!! I have a grab button now, and plan to improve it as time allows the way Jacinda has shared in her book. What a blessing she has been!!

Without going on and on any longer, I will let you read what she shares and decide for yourself!!

Just click on the pictures!!

How To Grow Your Blog

Available for $4.99!

How To Design Your Own Blog

Available for $4.99!
Compatible with Wordpress and Blogger platforms.

If you missed my post a couple weeks ago, here are the three blogs who share free blogging tips. I have included the complete post here for easy access.

Jasmine over at
Shares these tips:

Erica over at 
shares these tips:

Gail shares these tips 
over at:
1-Minute Bible Love Notes

I hope that you have found all this information as helpful as I have. Drop by each of these sweet friends' blog and see what else they have to share and thank them for all their hard work!!

In Christ Alone,

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