Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do You Pray for Missionaries?

Missionaries need our prayers. It is through the fervent prayer of faithful believers that God moves in the lives of the unsaved in other lands, and in America. Do you pray for your missionaries? I don't mean just at church once a week. I mean taking the time, daily, to pray personally for your missionaries.

 As a child, I remember these missionary ladies who prayed. 
Have we forgotten to pray for our missionaries today??

When I was a little girl, I remember playing outside while the adults, the missionaries prayed all day. I don't see that happening any more. I remember being allowed to come in and kneel down with everyone for awhile and then run outside and play again. I think I was about five.

Many of the older missionaries in the room had started out their younger days as missionaries to China. They had to leave in 1949, when the Communists took over and Americans and Europeans were no longer permitted to stay. These older missionaries captured my thoughts as a little girl. Their fervency of prayer made a deep impression on my heart as they prayed. Do we pray like that?

There was nothing showy in their prayers, just fervency. As they humbled themselves on their knees, they called out to a God who answers the prayers of those whose lives are set apart and cleansed by His blood. Are you set apart for God?

Our prayers for others first, before prayers for our own lives will lift us up out of the difficulties we face to something higher, nobler. Our eyes will be lifted to the throne of God to the things that are God's thoughts. God's heart is towards the lost and as we lift our heart and mind to the needs of missionaries, we will be lifted by the Lord to a higher plain, the Eternal, not the temporal, others, not ourselves.

This week and following, I challenge you to take a notebook and make it into a prayer journal. Make a page for missionaries and list the names of those serving the Lord in foreign countries. Then, use it as a reminder to pray fervently for them as the missionaries when I was a child cried out to the Lord Jesus.

These verses are a good way to pray for missionaries:

"For this cause we also, 
since the day we heard of it, 
do not cease to pray for you,
 and to desire that ye might be filled 
with the knowledge of his will 
in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;
That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, 
being fruitful in every good work 
and increasing in the knowledge of God;
Strengthened with all might, 
according to his glorious power, 
unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness."
~Colossians 1:9-11~

Do you personally know any missionaries?? Do you fervently pray for them regularly?

In Christ Alone,

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  1. That is a Great reminder...

  2. Judith I pray for missionaries every day! I just went on a short-term missionary trip and my daughter is getting ready to embark on a year-long stint in Italy. This is so a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Thanks so much for posting this awesome reminder! :)

  3. Judith...honestly, we don't pray for missionaries as often as we should. One year in school, it was a daily thing as it went along with our geography study. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to do so. I think I will break out our book from that year and start that up again. Blessings sweet friend.


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