Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Have You Ever Felt Like a Failure? LINKUP #12

Have you ever felt like a failure?? Totally?? I have!!
There are times that I look back over my life and my mind starts to reminisce over events and people that bring sweet memories to my mind.
There are times that the memories aren't so sweet and I find myself
meditating on the situation and issues 
as my emotions begin to spiral like a crashing plane. 
Crash and burn!!

Last night I started to mess with the background of my blog
as I was soooo inspired by Naomi's challenge over at
"What Joy In Mine" to decorate for Fall.
Since I didn't have any pumpkins to spruce up our home,
I decided to spruce up my blog with warm Fall colors.
I was inspired.
I was challenged.
Challenged in more ways than ONE!!
I am technically challenged.
Last night was NO exception!!

If you have noticed, 
my beautiful background is GONE!!
If you were trying to read my blog yesterday,
You might have found the most interesting conglomeration
of templates and mess-ups as I frantically fiddled
to make order out of the chaos.

My thoughts started to spiral.
I thought about my failures as a mother.
I spun into a fatal tail spin.
Then I thought, "Yes!! I am a failure; 
Jesus please turn my failure into something beautiful to glorify Your Name. 

This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.
It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, 
because his compassions fail not.
They are new every morning: 
great is thy faithfulness.
The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; 
therefore will I hope in him.
The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.
It is good that a man should both 
hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord.
~Isaiah 33:21-27~

I hope you have patience with me as I continue to work on my blog.

Thank you to all those sweet ladies who joined my community last week!!

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  1. Oh, Judith, I have SO been where you are today--technologically challenged, frustrated, panicked. It's so hard to see parts of your work disappear into the black hole that is cyberspace with no clue how to retrieve it. I'm praying that God sends you clarity with the new day, special empowering, and an extra dose of patience to muddle through this. Rest assured that He cares, and has something bigger in mind for this challenge than you can see from in the middle of it. Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you Lori :-)

      It was awfully nerve-wracking. With blogging, I am looking at my life with totally different lenses. I see situations and the spiritual lesson from it.

  2. . . . and thanks so much for featuring my post this week. God bless! Lori from Be Not Weary

    1. I could feature your posts every week. They are just so inspiring!! I am so thrilled to have found your blog...I think through Gail :-)

  3. I am reminded once again of Nancy Wilson's words on her "Dangerous Women" CD that it is Satan who makes us feel like overall failures. The Holy Spirit, however, convicts us of individual failings/sins so we can repent, be forgiven, and press on through His power. Keep pressing on, sister.

    1. I don't know who Nancy Wilson is (it sounds like I should know ;-) I can't tell you the victory I felt when I thought, yes, I am a failure but VICTORIOUS through Jesus!!

  4. Yes, Judith, I know exactly what you mean. And the beauty that came out of the mess was this sweet devotion you've written. Thanks for sharing your heart so honestly and sweetly. bless you, Gail

  5. Faith is for failures. No one else.

  6. By the way, I am an absolute failure at the link up business. :-)

    1. You'll catch on Nita...seems like you managed again this week :-) I'll tell you what...I'll stop over (like drive 20+ hours??) and show you the little I've learned about linking up and you can teach me to knit!!

  7. I empathise with you re: losing your blog background... one time I messed up my template so bad and had to close my blog down for a day to try and recover it. I never did manage to recover it - unfortunately, that cyber monster you encountered swallowed mine up too!

    In the end, I had to re-design another.

    However, I love the post you wrote as a result and good has most definitely surfaced from this experience. Plus, you have a lovely new blog background. Very nice indeed :D

    1. What happened to you was what I was afraid could happen. Was that recently when you started a new blog?

      This nice background is what I lost!! Then I finally got it back and it promptly disappeared. Naomi from What Joy Is Mine told me about Plum Rose Lane and that is where it is from.

      Next I'll learn to make a better header :-) Am I asking for trouble?!

  8. Thank you for featuring me! What a surprise! :)

    I will have a post to link up in a day or two, it has just been a busy weekend and DH has had a couple days off this week so I have not had time to type up the post I've been planning on.

    1. Naomi, you have little children and you are pregnant :-) just do what you can. I blog because my sweet children up and grew up (or almost) and I NEED to do something besides cleaning a clean house, lol, and blogging is so worthwhile.

      I meant to give you a heads up but got drawn away probably to fold laundry.

  9. Hi Judith,
    So glad you were able to come out of your spiral and recall God's mercies and love for you...Thank you!

    Linked up behind you at WIP :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you return soon :-) for another visit.

  10. I always get a little intimidated anytime I do anything on my blog, lol! I hired someone to do it originally but I'd really love to do some stuff someday.

    Right now I am entertaining myself with learning how to make a chart or printables. I figured that out but am having a little trouble getting it from publisher to google docs.

    One day I plan on linking up. Unfortunately I forget, but right now I'm pretty busy with learning this new stuff and writing every day, lol!

  11. LOL, Nan, YOU took the writing challenge, not me!!

    Linking up isn't that hard, but everything takes time. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Hi Judith,
    I must have missed the day your blog was in "chaos" because it looks warm, inviting, and lovely now. :) I have wondered on occasion if it's time to change the look of mine, but I'm afraid to try for the fear of what you described. :(
    Have a great day!

  13. You are braver than me! At least you tried it(and it looks like you became successful!), I always have a friend fix mine :)

    Julie@My Favorite Pastime

  14. Oh I hear you! This blogging adventure is wonderful, but messing with backgrounds, etc is no fun for me! I feel your pain! Thank you for sharing and linking up! Blessings!

  15. Your blog looks great to me! But I know what you mean. Enjoyed your post and the beautiful scripture. Stopped by after seeing you on the blog hop at Renee Smith's.

  16. Love your blog, no matter what :) Blessings, Judith!


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