Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Making a Grocery List: Baby Steps!!

Baby Steps, Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps, baby steps, is what FlyLady is always reminding her readers to do when it comes to any household adventure. My last post about the kitchen could certainly overwhelm any friend reading my blog. If THAT is YOU, I want you to do what my children sometimes tell me (not so often now, have I finally made progress??) Mom's RELAX!!

If you shop for your food through a food co-op like I did for years, or through a buying club like Cosco or Sam's Club, you are buying in bulk. You wouldn't be purchasing individual items needed on your menu. You would take a different direction, than say me, now that I don't need the astronomical amounts of food I once needed when children ate-me-out-of-house-and-home.

I used to buy meet in bulk too. All my beef was grass fed and my chicken was antibiotic free. I would travel a distance to buy a quarter cow since I only had to do that a couple times a year. My young children really had a wonderful time as we would make a fun outing out of the trip.

Baby Steps to Grocery Lists:

  • Make a list for each store you shop at (don't sit down and make all the lists alllllllllllll in one day!! Baby Steps, remember?!
  • Make one list a day for a week until they are done (choose nap time??)
  • Use your grocery receipt to jog your memory for what could go on the list.
  • Cheat (shhhhhhhhhh!!) Yes, cheat!! Find your favorite Master Grocery List on a blog and adapt it to your needs and family.
  • I have a Master Shopping List and then lists for each store. Well, to be honest I am redoing them...thus posting this is relevant to me and you!!
  • THEN, I make my menu for the week.

So, take Baby Steps, do a little each day for a week and you will never get overwhelmed and discouraged. When my children were little, this saved time and money. When I neglected to make a list, I was more apt to buy items that would attract my attention rather than what I needed.

Do you have a grocery list or do you think this is too time consuming for the season you find yourself in right now? Do you have any tips for making grocery lists? 

I am sure mine is not exhaustive!!

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  1. When something runs out I add it to the list on the fridge. The list is just a running tally of anything needed. Of we are running to the store I grab it. Do other people really not do this? I rarely go to the store without a list! :)

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